5 Canna-Baddies You Should Follow on IG

Chicago Cannabis Influencers were once just a dream. The idea of posting ourselves admitting to the use of an illegal drug was only something that most of us dreamed about. But legalization has brought forth a new wave of Chicago Cannabis Influencers. Scrolling through my Instagram is one of the most addictive and toxic hobbies I have. From watching inspiration reels, to getting style inspo, Instagram is a one stop shop for entertainment and helpful tips galore. It is a great connector of creatives and an amazing way to bring people with similar passions together.

Here are 5 WOC Chicago Cannabis Influencers that you should be following!

1 . @upinsmokesession

A highly informational page ran by a marketing major. From education posts about strains and sex to the occasional smoke video, she currently writes a column called “Ask a Budtender” for the Chicago Mag. Her page gives off strong, productive, WOC vibes that you definitely should check out.

2. @southsideshankie

Lucky enough to have met this queen in person, I fell in love with her page way before. Her eccentric and groovy smoke reels show what a cannabis influencer could be. And her sexy selfies are empowering. From events to visuals, she is definitely a page to follow to stay in the know with legal cannabis in Chicago.

3. @lorenacupcake

When I say anyone can be a cannabaddie, pages like lorenacupcake are a true confirmation. From fashion icon to local living legend, Lorena embodies what a fearless cannabis consumer is. Sexy, cute, sultry, not many people have the balls to be exactly who they want to be. Make sure you give her a follow for some real style inspo.

4. @jeanandjane420

I am always in awe of the women who live in their truth unapologetically. Jeanandjane not only uses her platform to raise awareness for Cannabis equity. She also uses her platform to highlight important topics that she as a WOC faces. Defiant in her visuals and effective in her wording, she is a powerhouse in the cannabis community and someone to definitely follow!

5. @queenganjag

I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon her page, but I have been following for a few months. Her feel-good cannabaddie vibes always make me smile. A flirty and fun page filled with different products and smooth rip videos. A clear example of the future of Cannabis influencing in Chicago, make sure you give her a follow.

Being a Cannabis influencer doesn’t have to be all smoke clouds into a camera. Some influencers want to educate, empower, and advance the use of marihuana. I love discovering new local canna-baddies and seeing them live fearlessly in their truth motivates me to do the same. Make sure you follow these and other local canna-baddies to show your support of Chicago’s Cannabis community.

Know more Chicago Cannabis Influencers? Let us know!

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