places to smoke weed in chicago

Places to Smoke Weed in Chicago!

Cannabis is legal in Chicago. Yet you couldn’t tell by all these crazy new rules. Hell, we’re not even allowed to smoke in public which is such a ridiculous rule. Especially when there is a whole community out here wanting to embrace us. Well don’t lose hope! There are still plenty of public places where smoking weed has become the norm. Especially in our city, where we have to dodge cops, parking tickets, and mosquitos galore. Here I have 5 places to smoke weed in Chicago! Please remember to respect our city and pick up after yourself. Also please keep in mind that it is most definitely ILLEGAL to smoke at any of these spots! But I won’t tell if you don’t 🤫.

Humboldt Park 

Places to smoke weed in Chicago

Now hear me out. Humboldt Park went from being a gangbanging hot bed to an artistic hot spot. You cannot walk down California Ave anymore without bumping into a blonde. And while Humboldt Park is ever changing, the culture isn’t. The park still fills the air with salsa music and the smell of fried Puerto Rican foods. Sitting in the park, by the pond with a blunt in hand is a Chicago classic, as long as you’re mindful of others. Humboldt Park proves to be one of the classic places to smoke weed in Chicago! Come out and don’t forget to support the Puerto Rican owned businesses that litter the area.

Rogers Beach Park

On the far north side of the city is a strip of beaches that have become some of my favorites. Because who wants to be surrounded by Chicago’s JUDGIEST citizens (Looking at you Ohio St Beach) when you can be welcome at this vibrant beach. Bring a blanket and a friend and lay out in front of the lake for one of the calmest smoke sessions you’re bound to have in the city. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the Pina Colada stand open or the beachside open mic. Please remember to preserve our beaches and pick up after yourself!

Places to smoke weed in Chicago ? Block Parties!

Covid really fucked up our first year of legalization in Chicago. But in 2021, Block parties are back and in full force. What better place to pull out your Canna-stash than in the comfort of the front of your own house. Please be mindful of children and seniors, otherwise, it’s time to openly and proudly indulge in our favorite vice. With the excuse of being on your property, you can even dodge the police like most of the criminals in Chicago do!

Museum Campus

Ah yes, the museums. Filled to the brim during the day, and mellowed out at night. Walk between the museums and the lake and you are prone to stumble over a fellow stoner. It’s a Chicago Canna- Staple, and one that I take advantage of all the time. Walking along the lake, sitting on the concrete steps looking out into nothing with Mary Jane by my side just relaxes me and clears my mind. Most police officers already know the deal, so you can usually enjoy it unbothered.

Places to smoke weed in Chicago

Take a Smoke Cruise Down Lake Shore Drive

Places to smoke weed in Chicago

The OG. The classic. The rite of passage that every single stoner in Chicago has gone through. Before legalization, when smoking was something we had to hide. When the only way we could smoke in public was by doing it in your car. And on the expressway so CPD couldn’t come up with any type of bullshit excuse to pull you over. Taking this cruise down LSD will always be special for so many of us, and in the future, when we’re allowed to smoke just about anywhere, I think people will still be taking that cruise. Driving down Lake Shore Drive, at night, surrounded by street lights, with your favorite music on is a vibe.

There are so many places to smoke weed in Chicago, but remember to be careful.

With this list of places to smoke weed in Chicago, I hope to show visitors and even residents that smoking Cannabis is here to stay! We all hope for a Chicago that we can smoke freely in. While we are still limited in our consumption, Cannabis consumers in the city have always found unique and creative places to indulge. We’re just lucky enough to have a beautiful city as our background. I encourage all of you to be responsible when smoking publicly. Please pick up after yourselves, please respect the elderly and children. Most importantly, please protect yourselves. Have fun Chicago!

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