How to Date a Cannabis Consumer

Dating as a cannabis consumer can be tricky. You have to worry that a potential partner might consider it a deal breaker. There are still lingering stereotypes associated with marihuana use that are only magnified with age. As if a hard working, ambitious stoner is something that doesn’t exist. Yet in 2021, dare I say, it is becoming slightly less taboo? Especially in our legal state. More and more I’m coming across people who may or may not smoke, and are ok with my choice in use. It’s a fairly new concept, that a smoker and non smoker would still be able to share commonalities because usually cannabis consumers are expected to date only the same. But consuming is only one part of my multi faceted life, I would hate to have to shape my love life around it.

And yet for a lot of people, the topic is fairly new. People who didn’t use it until it became legal, and others who accepted it post-legalization. We’re living in a new era, an era of freedom. This era comes with a certain sense of confidence, and I get excited when I see new cannabis consumers embracing their truths. With this useful guide I hope to teach you how to navigate dating in a post criminalized state.

  1. Marihuana use is not synonymous with alcohol use. A lot of times we tend to associate marihuana with alcohol as a way to normalize its use. The reality is that alcohol and alcoholism are extremely harmful. Whereas marihuana, while understandably still a vice, is much less harmful both physically and environmentally. In fact, marihuana has been tested as a way to cure alcoholism, a terrible and life consuming disease. We need to establish marihuana as its own habit. Something that could be exclusive or not. While many cannabis consumers don’t really drink, there are a lot of people, like myself, who cure their hangovers with weed.
  2. Marihuana isn’t exclusive to any one economical status. Many times marihuana is looked at as a cheap drug. Which is honestly ridiculous considering the amount of taxes we’re expected to pay in order to shop for it legally. We live in a time when we have big names like Seth Rogen selling $200 joint holders. The times of nickel bags and dime bags are behind us. The marihuana of today is cultivated meticulously, studied extensively by people who are passionate about the plant. The thought that consuming cannabis would have an impact on what you’re able to accomplish financially is an outdated concept, one that has no place in our dating world.
  3. Keep a couple of packs of gum and a couple of water bottles on hand for easy bonus points. If you’re dating a smoker, and hoping for the occasional smooch, nothing makes you more insecure than worrying about whether your breath stinks. Being able to offer your stoner stud muffin a gum or a water for their cotton mouth is a cute way to acknowledge their habits in a respectful way. Of course, I’m not insinuating you should carry a stoner to go kit, just something to think about on a mutual munchie trip.
  4. Don’t assume everyone knows. If you’re dating a cannabis consumer, sooner or later you’ll have the “don’t bring it up” moment. Whether it’s their boss, their parents, or just a stranger, being in control of this knowledge is important. It’s important to remember that this isn’t your secret to share. If a cannabis consumer shares this fact about themselves with you, it is coming from a place of trust.
  5. Not all smokers smoke the same. Smoking is a private ritual in and of itself. Some people, masters at rolling, have their perfect way to roll a joint or blunt. Others, like my lazy ass, stuff a cone and call it a day. Either way, the easiest way to annoy a seasoned smoker is to assume their preferences. Looking for a way to connect with your baked boo? Take them on a trip to a unique smoke shop. Allow the cannabis consumer in your life to enjoy themselves in your presence with no judgments or preconceived ideas. My biggest tip for a date that wants to impress me? Roll for me! I’ll bring my own weed, thanks.
  6. A cannabis consumers usage is not an inconvenience. If there’s one thing I enjoy with my morning coffee, it’s a nice morning smoke. It’s a personal ritual that kickstarts my day. A few months ago I was dating a guy who, when he learned about my morning ritual, exclaimed “Isn’t it too early??” It honestly was a deal breaker, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t want to have to hide my usage from my partner. I don’t want to feel like I’m inconveniencing them by partaking. I don’t ever want to be judged by my partner, not for this or really for anything. Dating a cannabis consumer comes with the assumption that they will partake as they please, despite outside opinions.

We have witnessed what happens when 2 smokers come together, but sometimes the love of your life just doesn’t partake. That’s ok! Sometimes you think that person doesn’t partake, and then after getting to know them you find out they do. We are in a post-legalization grey area, and finding like-minded stoners who not only share their joints but also their dreams, and their goals. Dating is already hard, but dating someone who won’t judge you for consuming cannabis is even harder. I hope to help a few stoner couples in Chicago by hosting our very own Stoner Speed Dating! With this event, I hope to bring together like-minded people in a non-judgmental setting. Please see the link below for more information!

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