Barrio Box: For the Chicago Canna-Creatives

Flower aside, the accessories are one of the most important parts of cannabis culture. From bongs to bowls, to grinders and glass blunts, there are a huge variety of items that can be used. Sure, most people would agree that in a pinch, a nug and a piece of foil is all you need. Still, there are hundreds of brands online offering cute and unique smoking accessories for everyone’s taste. I myself am a fan of the blunt holder, grinders, and even unique lighters. I’m a regular consumer, so there are certain items that make my experience not only easier, but also prettier. It was in my quest to buy local, quality items that I stumbled upon Barrio Box.

It was in the beginning of September when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post about a Chicago based cannabis subscription box. I was immediately curious. These are the types of things I love. Supporting local artists and businesses. I knew it was something new, starting up but after reading about the people putting it together I knew it was something I wanted to support. I am passionate about people who are passionate about Chicago. Not the type of Chicago people you see on TV. The real Chicago people. The ones who work the real jobs that keep the city going. The cooks, the builders, the makers. These are the Chicago people that I care about, which is why I knew in reading about Nopalito Creatives that I was going to care about this.

I remember the very sentence that convinced me. “We plan on making our mark in this white washed space” which at the time seemed very ironic to me. Cannabis has long been considered a minority sport, but the times have changed. In legalizing it’s recreational use, they have also legalized the exploitation of it. Investors are making millions while brown and black men are still in jail. It was a sobering truth that weed becoming legal was not for us, but for them. It’s a big reason why I still shop locally for flowers, why I rather support local makers than to give my money to those who don’t need it. Organizations like Nopalito Creatives and others who are trying to make a change on a local level. It’s those people who I want my money to go to. And when I received my first box, I was glad it did.

The hand delivered box was massive understandably, and I regret immensely not writing about the Chingon box then. I was so impressed by the packaging, and the convenience of how they hand delivered it all the way to Midlothian, IL. It’s such a neat idea, and I was introduced to Oro Candles who’s candles I love and Mari’s Creations who’s ashtray sits on my nightstand. The items were great quality and the packaging was neat without being too extra. A creative array of cannabis items for the Chicago based enthusiast, what a neat idea. I could see then that it was just the beginning of something very creative.

Their second box was an amazing collaboration with none other than the poetic papi himself. Kewly is the man behind my logo, the person who pushed me to write when I couldn’t even remember how to think. I was excited to order the box, and then completely missed it while out of town. I pestered him about scoring me a box, but I knew those babies were already accounted for. I was so sad, but it further cemented in  my mind that it was something to keep an eye out for. Kewly is a true artist, and to see him collaborating with Barrio Box was such nice Chicago feels, especially after a rough Chicago year.

Fast forward to what America wants people to believe is a single woman’s worst nightmare: Valentine’s Day. One of my favorite holidays. I always talk about being in love with love. A hardcore romantic and a sucker for sappy shit, I am hardly sad about being single on Valentines Day. In fact, it only makes me want to love myself more. After all, Valentine’s Day is about all types of love. And I’m glad that Barrio Box agrees. They came out with the “For Her’ Box. A fun and sexy mix of cannabis related items. I was fortunate enough to be able to snag a Premium Box. It has Cannalube, with infused body scrub and bath salts as well as a couple of different types of pre rolls. And while the items included are fun, I know this is bigger than this box. I think we are looking at the development of minority ideas in the cannabis industry. Something that I am very excited for.

Lastly I want to touch on the edible that was included in this month’s box. As many of you all know, I am not a fan of the gummy edible. I used to be, but now they’re the most common edible sold, and frankly, I’m over it. Still, I gave them a shot. At 100mg each, I didn’t think it would be a major problem. Boy was I wrong. That soft, chewy gummy had me on my ass for the rest of the day. Not only are they delicious, they are potent as hell. Consider this your warning label. It had 5 in the pack, which was a good inclusion in the box.

Chicago people are my people and I will always support Chicago people. My blog is not called Mex AND THE CITY for nothing. If you’re reading my blog it’s probably because you’re a fan of this city too, so I recommend you go follow Nopalito Creatives and Barrio Box. Support local people doing local things. This isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle and a way to self sustain from giant corporations who don’t have our communities needs in mind. Whether it’s buying groceries at the local grocery store, or buying your weed products from a local vendor, we are supporting our city’s creativity. We are not only the city of big shoulders, we are the city of big thinkers and big doers, and it is our responsibility to be big supporters as well.

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