Battle of the Chips: Black Friday Edition

If you’re like me, you have a sophisticated palette. So it’s no surprise that one of my favorite snacks is chips. I mean, chips are the OG of munchies, and my relationship goes back to watching my older brother and sister get high and pull out a giant shoe box from under the bed. The box was filled with chips, sodas, and candies, a pothead self care kit of sorts. I was still too young to partake but I remember happily munching with their high asses. Skip to now and my 30 year old ass requires Tums before and after eating any bag of chips.And since I always tell ya’ll where I’m coming from, that’s what inspired this post. I’ve chosen 3 vendors who I picked up from at the Black Friday pop ups and I will be trying their chips and rating them. I don’t mean to create superiority or pit vendors against each other. Just sharing some of Chicago’s edible makers, and sharing my treats with y’all.


As I’ve mentioned before in my blog, I’m usually a slut for good packaging. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it works against me.  Always, I appreciate certain looks. So when I stumbled upon Viva La Flor’s booth, I was instantly enamored. From the vintage trays, to the two beautiful ladies behind the booth, it’s the type of look I eat up. I decided on a Rice Krispy Treat as well as a bag of Infused Takis, and I chose based on the look of the product. This is the first time I’ve had infused takis, so I was excited. Usually, chips are infused by pouring oil or concentrates over the chips and drying them out. Because of this, the chips can sometimes taste stale or old. That was not the case with these takis. They did hold up during the process and remained crunchy and crispy. My biggest complaint is that it did lose its spiciness. Takis are usually very spicy and these seemed like the chili powder had bunched up and had watered down a bit. Still, I think they did great with what’s possible and the quality of the treats I bought was excellent. The label on it doesn’t say how many milligrams it has, and my high ass definitely doesn’t remember, but I ate a few and didn’t feel much of a kick. Make sure you check them out on IG HERE and give them a follow.


I’ve bought from Spaced Treats on a few occasions. In fact, their infused lip gloss is the bomb and I use it regularly. They also have infused White Cheddar Cheese Its that are one of my fav munchies. This most recent time I picked up their Hot Fries. Immediately when you open the bag of chips, you are met with a potent smell of weed. It’s surprising actually because the bags are not that big. It gives you the idea that it has a high dose. I’m usually not a fan of edibles that have an overpowering smell of weed because they also will have an overpowering taste of weed. That was the case with these hot fries, and although they were crispy, and spicy, I couldnt get past the taste. I had about a handful and then had to dip them in sour cream to disguise the taste. I do recommend a lot of their other treats and even their lip gloss, but I was not a fan of these hot fries. Make sure you check them out on IG HERE and give them a follow.


I had seen Heat Treats at a few pop ups and even on IG. From the packaging and their posts, I had them on my “Try Them” List. Well, I’m glad I did. I bought a bag of Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles. It was generously sized, in a brown inconspicuous bag. He even gave me a free preroll, a gift for my purchase. Just gives you an idea of their vibe. I ate about half the bag before I stopped myself, forcibly. You see, this brown little bag held a whopping 400 milligrams, which was conveniently labeled. Way more than I needed to eat in one sitting, unfortunately. Genuinely, I could’ve eaten the whole bag. The chips were fresh and crisp and although they definitely had a vague weed taste, it was almost pleasant. I don’t know how they did it, but for being so heavily dosed, they were pleasant to eat. Out of the three in this post, these were definitely my favorite and the ones I would buy again. I’m also looking forward to trying some of their other products, based on the quality of their chips. Make sure to follow them on Instagram HERE.

Thank you so much to all the vendors who put their best foot forward with their products. To  the organizers of these events that create a bridge between me as a customer and these awesome products. I love trying new foods, and treats and always welcome suggestions or recommendations. Make sure to support local vendors!! Please remember that these are my opinions based on my experiences and are in no way bashing any vendors. Please remember to consume responsibly.

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