A Cannabaddie’s Guide to Blunts

Have you ever been to the gas station for blunts, and didn’t really know which one to pick? It seems like there are a hundred options! Well don’t worry, I got your back. I have, over my extensive cannabis smoking career, tried just about every blunt you can buy at your local gas station. In fact, I am a blunt type of gal. So trust me when I say, I will be honest and descriptive about 5 of the most popular blunts you can buy at your gas station. I’m also going to put them in order of difficulty to roll, starting with the hardest:

Wraps: The New Bad Bitch on the Scene

Wrap Blunts
Blunt Made from a Honey Infused Wrap

Wraps are truly a sign that times are changing. While once considered the smoking blunt of hippies, these are now the trendy, non damaging ways to roll. They have a similar texture and smoke to blunts like White Owls and Swisher Sweets, only they are about 10x harder to roll. Not sure if it’s just me but I usually am not able to roll a personal sized blunt just for myself. I usually use these to make a fatty. They are also slow burning and do not include any tobacco, my personal favorite are the High Hemp Vegan Hemp Wraps, but they come from a variety of brands.

Backwoods Blunts: For the Seasoned Smoker

Now backwoods, although also a smooth burning tobacco leaf blunt, just seems to be the hardest for me to roll. I’m not sure what it is, I feel like I can never break it apart smoothly unless I use a blunt cutter. It’s definitely not one of my regular choices, in fact I almost never use Backwoods. I feel like these blunts have their own following, people who have mastered the rolling. Personally my favorite Backwood is the one that the Blunt Doctor rolls. 

Dutch Blunts: For the Social Smoke

Dutch’s are a machine made tobacco leaf blunt that is popular in certain circles. As for myself, it usually isn’t my regular blunt choice. That is unless I plan to roll a social blunt. You see, Dutch’s are known for being slow burning, smooth, and slightly sweet tasting. Because of this, it is a perfect blunt to bring to the smoke sesh to share. Although it’s pretty easy to roll, you might find that a dry Dutch creates separation. But don’t fret, a nice, generous lick will do the trick. My personal favorite are the honey Dutch.

Swisher Sweets: The Day One Blunt

Smoking a Swisher Sweets Blunt at the Kali Uchis Concert

Driving through the hood on a summer day, you get a whiff of what smells like sweet weed. Ah yes, the classic smell of a Swisher Sweet blunt. The first blunt for many, and the forever blunt for me, the Swisher Sweet Blunt is a cult classic. Due to its cylindrical shape, and its thick leaf that maintains its shape, it is the blunt that many people learned to roll for the first time. I consider this my everyday blunt, and I’ve smoked short of a thousand in my lifetime. This is the blunt I recommend every first timer to start with, due to its flexibility and dependability for an easy, classic smoke. 

King Palm Blunts: For the Bougie Smoker

Now don’t get me wrong, I am very much a King Palm fan. Yet I don’t always wanna use the amount of weed needed to make a nice burning King Palm. You see, these are actually the easiest blunts to smoke since all you have to do is pack them up with broken up weed. There is no actual rolling involved, instead consider it like a pre roll blunt. I usually use these for my best weed when I plan to smoke alone. 

Good Luck on your Blunt Adventure!

Smoking blunts is a classic stoner ritual, and if you’re starting out, I think you will enjoy it. If you’re finding that blunts are too strong, opt for wraps. If you’re finding that wraps are too flimsy, choose a Swisher. There are so many ways that you can mix and match, so have fun finding your preference. Just remember to consume responsibly and always clean up after yourself if you’re smoking in a public area. And next time you smoke a blunt, think of Mex and the City Chicago.

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