Can You Smoke Wet Weed

Can you smoke wet weed? 

It’s winter and right ahead of this massive snow storm coming up, tragedy strikes. The baggie that housed your weed ripped open, and all of your juicy nugs are now covered in slush and snow. It’s literally any stoner’s nightmare, and you might ask yourself, can you smoke wet weed? In fact, one year I lost a baggie in the snow in my sister’s front yard and in the spring of that year we found it and dutifully smoked it. But weed is not only a healing plant, it’s actually quite strong and can weather a lot of conditions. Weed accidents happen, but it’s no reason to panic. 

Marihuana is dense and because of this water can get really soaked in there. That’s why it’s sticky when you break it apart, because it sits during the drying period. You don’t want to get water in there for obvious reasons: it won’t burn, it won’t break apart the same, it takes away the high. It also can create mold and make your weed smell funny. And even so, stoners still want to know how to smoke wet weed. The reality is you can’t, but you can dry it enough so you can smoke it. These are things that I have personally done, you might not agree with it, but it’s worked for me. The main tool you’ll need here is time. None of these methods or quick fixes.

If you’ve found yourself wondering how can you smoke this wet weed? Just follow these easy steps to bring back the quality of your marihuana. Always remember that weed shouldn’t be smoked if it’s been exposed to harmful chemicals or other medications. Still, a little snow never hurt anyone, and recuperating that wet weed could save you some money! The first thing you want to do when you’ve noticed that your weed is wet is:

Pat Dry your Wet Weed

Collect all of your nugs and place them between two paper towels. Apply just enough pressure to saturate the paper towels, swapping if they get too wet. Repeat until nugs feel dry to the touch, but don’t be fooled. Weed soaks up water and it won’t be completely dry by only doing this step.

Dry Out Your Wet Weed

Now this step could go one of two ways. I’ll tell you what I do and then I’ll tell you a different step you can take. I usually lay all of my weed out onto paper towels. You want to let it air dry for at least three hours. Don’t leave your weed out too long, just enough to dry it entirely. 

You can also instead put all of your wet nugs into a jar and blowdry it on the lowest setting. Make sure it’s on the lowest setting, and alternate with the cool button. You don’t want the hairdryer to get too hot, just warm enough to dry it out completely.

Warm Up Your Wet Weed

This next step is to spread your wet weed across a baking pan lined with wax paper. You want to put this baking pan in the oven or a toaster oven at a low setting. I have used a toaster oven, only allowing it to be on for a couple of minutes while the weed completely dries. If you use an oven, don’t set it higher than 200 degrees. You want to remove any leftover humidity in the flower, not cook it.

Smoke up!

Now that you’ve been patient and have worked hard to bring your weed back to smoking order, you can enjoy your efforts. You should be at about 6 hours from when your weed originally made contact with water. This should provide ample time for fully drying.

Nobody wants to smoke wet weed, but having to drop more money on your weed budget is a no go. Following these simple steps can help you bring that dead weed back to life, and back into your lungs. I’ve read that you can also put your weed in rice and it will get rid of the moisture. Snow is not a good reason to throw away some weed, especially if you have nugs and not shake. In the words of the late Aaliyah, dust yourself off and try again.

Now let’s say you have a blunt or joint that you accidentally dropped in water. 

The HORROR. You might think this might be it, the end of the road, but actually there are steps you can do to save your wet blunt or joint too! These tips are better applied on blunts or joints that are at least half or more. I’ve never tested these on roaches but honestly with roaches just set them out somewhere with open air and they will, over time, dry out on their own. Once they’ve dried, you can smoke as usual. So if you find yourself with a wet blunt or joint, these are some things you can do to make it work:

  • A blowdryer is your best friend. Drying the wrapper does not dry the weed inside, you want to make sure to point the blow dryer towards the mouth piece.
  • Joints are easier to dry as is, while certain blunts you will have to break down and dry the weed apart. This is because the papers are thinner than blunts, allowing more of the heat from the blowdryer to hit the insides.
  • In your car and in a pinch? Blast your heater from your dashboard with the mouth end of your blunt opened toward the heat. Don’t put the blunt sideways or too close to the vent, this will only dry the exterior and not the weed inside. You want to make sure to get the blowing heat to the inside of the blunt.
  • Toasting your blunt won’t dry out the actual weed inside, so I don’t recommend this
  • Got your bowl wet? Just let it go homie, the effort is not worth the dime size amount of weed wasted.

Weed is sacred, and in this state, legally EXPENSIVE. So wasting any of it because it’s wet is a bummer. Next time you find yourself wondering how to smoke wet weed, look back on this handy dandy guide as a weed saver. Good weed should never be wasted, but when you live in the midwest, shit happens. So for the next couple of days, while the snow takes its toll on our city, remember to keep your weed stored in an airtight container, make sure to carry all of your essentials, and most importantly, remember to never leave your weed in the cold.

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