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Cannabaddie Talk: The Beginning

It’s March 30th and it is raining outside. I would say I hate it, but I’m an April baby, and rain is what I was born around. Hoping it won’t be a damper on my lunch time smoke break.

I decided to start these journals to give you all a real time glimpse into the glamorous life of a cannabaddie. HA. In reality, I think it helps to give people a real look at someone who is highly functioning, high and functioning. Maybe I can share some funny moments, maybe we can learn a thing or two together. Overall, this is a personal glimpse into me running Mex and the City Chicago and the Open Mic.

I was on my first podcast yesterday. It was hilarious! I’m so glad I chose the right podcast to debut on because I have been very nervous about doing it. Ya girl talks a lot of shit y’all, and knowing that I was in a safe space with others who are shameless in their shit talking was very motivational. Not to mention how hilarious they all are. The truth is, it’s evident that people want to listen to relatable people. And the fellas at the 72nd perspective are doing a great job of talking about important topics in a casual way. Thanks for the amazing hospitality and thanks for the good smoke. Much love to those guys, make sure you tune in to their podcast here.

Did y’all hear about Cresco buying Columbia Care? Now what the fuck was that about? I didn’t even know if to make a whole post about it because A) no one I know buys Cresco and B) we ain’t supporting these corporations out here!! I’m trying to instead focus on organizations and brands run by black and brown folks. And don’t get me wrong, multi-million dollar deals are my goal baby, but damn! Can we get some good legal weed in Illinois? Can we get some representation? Some employment? Something damnit? Ok ok, I know that we have to be happy for what we’ve gotten so far, but the only people who feel that way are current businesses that are already running. The rest of us aren’t happy. And the merger of Creso and Columbia Care is one that a lot of us just don’t give a shit about.

We are officially 2 weeks away from the next Open Mic. I was originally so nervous about the first one. Popping up in a new location that is so far from the originals. But I think people see how genuine my love and ambitions are for everyone else. My Open Mic is for the people of Chicago, and I will dedicate poems, songs, and blog posts to it for the rest of my life. I’m grateful to everyone who supports and has followed me. I hope to create a consistent event that can one day become a Chicago staple, and one of Chicago’s first open consumption art events. I have big dreams for our Open Mic. From starting in a tent, to making it into 4 walls, the journey has been amazing, and I’m excited for 2022.

420 is coming up and with it the burden of choosing an event to attend. As a long time stoner, I can honestly admit that I usually just smoke at home in my yard. I’m pretty much a homebody, you can either catch me at home, with my man, or with my family. Although I do like to step out occasionally, it’s usually only for events that I support and that align with my beliefs. But 420 only happens once a year, and getting some good pictures might be worth stepping out of the house for. But we’ll see, my birthday is on the 23rd and I have yet to make and cement any plans. Going to try to brainstorm next week and put something in place. Stay tuned…

Overall, I wanted to start these journal entries as a footnote of my experience. It’s important for me to be transparent with my readers, give you guys a deeper look into your favorite cannabaddies goals. Mex and the City Chicago was always a blog about relating to someone like me, and I’m grateful that you all have accepted and embraced me in the way in which you have. In highlighting black and brown cannabis brands, I hope I am doing my part to honor the legacy market that created a way for legalization. We are a far way from social equity, but in my dedication to continuously shine a light on these problems, I hope to motivate all of you to also become involved and fight back. We deserve good weed, we deserve to smoke in designated areas, and we deserve options, LEGALLY.

Woke up with a killer craving for Coke Zero. High craving for the day I guess. Hope you guys are having a good week, I can almost taste the weekend. Until the next one!

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