Candyman: A Positive Cannabis Portrayal

I watched Candyman. 

I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was nostalgic and I enjoyed the many references to Chicago. It was almost a “you had to be there” kinda movie. And while I enjoyed the bloody scenes and the scenes with references to the original movie, I have to say one particular scene lingered in my memories.

The image of a fresh and fabulous Teyonah Parris lounging on a couch and smoking a blunt in a chic downtown condominium is one that tickled me. 

You see, up until recently, smokers have always been portrayed in one particular way. A way that is not negative, but not necessarily positive either. Yet here we have a beautiful, fashionable, successful woman portrayed smoking weed, and a blunt nonetheless.

And while the movie was great, and a fun watch, it is that scene that I will recall.

We are entering into a new era in film. With the mass legalization of cannabis, we are seeing a shift in our media in relation to this topic. Most evident in movies like Candyman, where it is inserted into a scene as casually as a glass of red wine. If you haven’t watched the Candyman remake, I highly suggest it. Although not necessarily scary, it is definitely a good Halloween choice.

How would you like to see Cannabis portrayed on the big screen? Do you see a shift in regards to cannabis in mainstream media? Leave your comments below!

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