Cannabaddie Ideas for your Valentine’s Day!

This one’s for the lovers yall.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. And with it comes all the hang ups, pressures, and standards of our society. But if you’re dating a cannabis consumer, or are one, I got some fun, flirty ideas for how you can incorporate your favorite plant into your sexy times. 

Firstly, please remember that Valentine’s Day is about love and spending time with that special someone in your life. You don’t have to hold yourself to an unrealistic standard or over exert yourself financially in order to be a good partner. All you need is your lover, your weed, and all of your energy.

I put together a few ways you can incorporate your favorite person with your favorite plant. From cute smoking ideas, to events going on, I’ve got you covered on this Valentines Day.

Date night with Herbal Lovers

If you are unfamiliar with Herbal Notes, where have you been? Curators of some of the hippest cannabis events in the city, they are now bringing you a romantic, elevated dinner experience for 2. If you and your partner bond over Mary Jane, make sure to pick up some tickets and indulge together. With the dim lighting, and gourmet food, it’s sure to get your engines going for the rest of the night.

Infused Massage Oil

What’s funner than partaking in marijuana and massages? Pick up some infused lube and give your man a unique rub down that will surely send his body to a different dimension. Then, hand him the bottle and take off. There are many health benefits to infused lube, so use it as an excuse to get handsy this Valentines Day. There are all types of infusers selling infused lube, the one I tried is from Alana with Cannabis.

Smoke Shotguns

One of the oldest tricks in the book, and there are some varieties. But on your Valentine’s Night smoke sesh, take a long hit of your smoking device of choice, holding the smoke in your mouth (not inhaling) then press your lips to your boos and blow. Giving them a lungful of your smoke and a mouthful of your lips. And you know what, that shit is sexy. Do it over and over until the smoke goes away and only your lips remain!

Smoke Signals Greeting Cards

The newest cannabis themed greeting cards on the market! Gift your man with a cute card filled with love and a Smoke Signals doobie. Easily found at a number of head shops in and around the city, make sure you pick one up! The smoke signal joint has gotten rave reviews, and they are consistent with the quality of their products. Whether it’s for your boo, your boys, or your besties, it’s sure to be a hit.

Puff Pour Paint with Mariposa Chicago

Boasting drinks from Up Elevated Cocktails and a romantic rose joint from AK47, this sounds like a romantic date night for you and your boo. Meet up on the southside and enjoy the 2 part art class as well as the photo opp stations. AK47 is known for her popular elevated book club, and Mariposa Chicago is a new collaborative giving home to canna-creatives on Archer Ave. Tickets here!

There is no reason not to love up on your man this Valentines Day! And if you share a love for cannabis and a love for each other, why not indulge? This weekend is about getting elevated, and getting X rated, so bring out all your tricks and enjoy. 

From me and my man, to you and yours, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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