Cannabaddie Spotlight: Mota Magick

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to Mota Magick LLC.

Mota Magick is a small batch CBD body care line. Popping up at all of your favorite health and wellness events, her products are clean, well made, and hold a significant emphasis on cannabis as a medicine.

Through her social media posts you get an insight into Diana, the founder of Mota Magick and the powerhouse behind her healing products. She is passionate about using ingredients that are free of toxins, not synthetic, and just overall good for your body. Let me just tell y’all that her CBD massage oil candle was great for my skin, my muscles, and my sex life for the night! Definitely go snag one!

Mota Magick

Speaking directly with Diana, she is educated on her ingredients, and dedicated to her craft. As a new budding business, it’s important to educate yourself in order to elevate as a business, and I have no doubt there are big things in store for her. She’s smart, passionate, and holds herself to the standard that she has created.

I have been lucky enough to try her CBD whipped body butter which is nothing short of absolutely amazing. It’s rich and luxurious and you can smell and feel the quality of the ingredients she uses. With her packaging she demonstrates a great deal of pride in her own work. She also has a heavy duty healing balm that will relax your muscles and smells amazing. Already a staple in my purse.

Lastly I want to mention her shower steamer. Y’all, this was my first time using a shower steamer and it is definitely not my last. Her shower steamer was not only very sturdy, but it was also very fragrant. I’ve tried shower steamers that crumble and fall apart in your hands. But her shower steamer held its shape through my showers and literally cleared my sinuses while I washed. It was amazing, and definitely one of her products that I recommend for ANYONE. Especially during allergy season.

Please make sure you check out Mota Magick on her website.

Or you can follow her Instagram here as well!

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