Cannabaddie Spotlight: Smoke Signals Greeting Cards

Super excited to highlight this awesome contribution to the female cannabis community. 

Courtney, creator of Smoke Signals Greeting Cards, is a force to be reckoned with. The definition of a cannabaddie, her greeting cards, or “Smoke Signals”, are relatable and fun ways for stoners to share a message. They come in a variety of designs and are found in a lot of your favorite smoke shops. I am super excited and proud to write about her as she has vended at my Open Mic several times. It is my stance to provide my attendees with access to only the best and highest quality products. That is exactly what Smoke Signals Greeting Cards is.

She launched legitimately in November, and within 3 months her greeting cards were featured at seven stores in Illinois. In 6 months she’s found in 3 states, and has a line up of over 8 year round cards. She also adds new and relevant cards as needed, that include a Smoke Signals tube for a blunt or joint. That way you can add your green touch to the card. That’s a great gift or memento for the favorite stoner in your life. You can also find small trinkets to give as well, like crystals and sage, and recently launched t-shirts with fun catch phrases. Why go to Hallmark when you can support this cannabaddie owned business

You can also find Smoke Signals Greeting Cards all over the city at your favorite smoke shops. Some notable names include Smoking Buddha Chicago in Pilsen and Smoke Depot in Crystal Lake. If you would like to see Smoke Signals Greeting Cards at your local smoke shop, make sure to mention her to the shop owner to let them know they need Smoke Signals in their store. Follow her Instagram page to stay up to date with new locations and ways to purchase yours. You can follow her Instagram here!

Courtney is very familiar with the legacy market and is a great example of someone who destigmatizes the use of substances like cannabis and shrooms. She is socially conscious and supports local events and cannabis establishments through her social media. You can check out designs, other brands, partnerships, and locations on her Instagram page. We are experiencing the beginning of Smoke Signals Greeting Cards and I’m excited to watch the evolution of Courtney’s brand. Thank you for not only vending at my Open Mic but for being a genuine person within this industry from the beginning.

If you would like to purchase a Smoke Signal make sure to come by the FREE Open Mic on Wednesday May 11th where she will have her stock available for purchase. Thank you so much to Smoke Signals Greeting Cards for supporting the Open Mic!

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