2023: The Year of The Cannabaddie

It’s January 2nd! And while everyone scrambles to write down resolutions and put together vision boards, I am sitting here, on my laptop, writing to you.

2022 was an amazing year. Genuinely, the things I did and the people I met will stay with me forever, and will eventually prove to be the foundation for my future. You see, I never expected so many people to relate to me. But as I have progressed I realize, Mex and the City isn’t just me. It’s all of us. All of us born in an inner city. All of us with a problematic relationship with our favorite plant. All of us knowing we want better, and working toward it.

What a lot of people don’t know is that I was not always in this industry. I transitioned over to Cannabis from the insurance industry, something that to this day proves to be a blessing. I was lost before I started Mex and the City Chicago. And although I can’t say that I am now found, I can say that you all found me. And I thank you. I thank you for lending me your ear. For unknowingly walking through this journey with me. For sharing your laughs, your ears, your weed, and your food. I am eternally grateful.

I am constantly hearing about how I should heal my inner child. And I started thinking about her. Yesenia, the one in her teens who wrote pages of love poetry and who journaled religiously. The Yesenia who was boy crazy, stir crazy, unafraid of the system, and angry at the world in general. A product of LIttle Village, and someone who never trusted “The Man”. As I grew up, a bit of that spark was lost. Responsibilities and being an adult veered me into work that didn’t fulfill my life. I am sure I’m not the only one who loved the money I was making, but hated the work I was actually doing. 

In April of 2020, I found myself cooped up at home, hiding from a global pandemic. I had just turned 30 years old, and was working a job I hated. I was fresh out of a physically abusive relationship that consumed my life for over 4 years. I am not bitter, I realize now that I wrote the story of my life before I was even born. And in May of 2020, I decided that I needed to leave everything I thought would heal me and return to my roots: Writing. Pouring my heart into words like I had always done.

I launched Mex and the City Chicago, a spin off of my favorite show Sex and the City. My blog was about me, the single girl galavanting through Chicago, smoking weed, dating, and living life. But very quickly I realized that if I wanted to write about weed, it would be the white man’s weed. Because as fate would have it, legislation and bullshit politics would keep people like me out of the cannabis industry for at least a couple of years in Illinois. And so I dedicated myself to highlight these issues, supporting all those struggling for their share of this booming industry.

Nothing has fulfilled me, filled my soul, more than writing for you. I always wanted to write for people like me. People of color who are professionals and baddies and cannabis consumers all wrapped into one package. That is who my audience is and since I started my blog it is you who I have dedicated it to. That is how Cannabaddie Talk was born. Because of my need to create a community for people like me. People like you.

Entering this year I am extremely humbled. In love with the community I am growing. In love with all the amazing people who I have met and shared a sesh with. In love with my website and the message behind it. In love with myself, and the person I allowed myself to be. I hope you guys will continue supporting and following my journey over on Cannabaddie Talk. Mex and the City Chicago will now serve as my personal blog, a place where I will share my deepest and most personal thoughts on my life. That includes cannabis, but it also includes every aspect of my life. Please make sure to sign up to my email list for updated content!

Thank you for making this possible for me. YOU are Cannabaddie Talk. YOU are Mex and the City Chicago. And YOU are everything I prayed for. Here’s to an amazing 2023.

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    Cheers to an amazing 2023! Loving, learning, growing!!

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