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Wrigleyville Dispensary: Buying Weed from Sunnyside Dispensary

I’m sure it is quite a pleasant surprise for many of you to know that the former John Barleycorn Bar in Wrigleyville now houses a Sunnyside Wrigleyville Dispensary Flagship Store. With its ugly orange signs and its bright interior reminiscent of an Apple Store, Sunnyside Wrigleyville looks about as welcoming as a Blood donation center. But I guess with their prices, they might as well start sucking our blood. I don’t really understand the minimalist, plain look that so many dispensaries tend to lean toward, and I honestly don’t like it. Where are the colorful, rainbow vibes that encompass cannabis users? Where are the flowers, blue skies, and smiley faces? They have been torn apart and sedated by corporate cannabis.

Not that I have any real opinion on Sunnyside Wrigleyville. Or any other Wrigleyville Dispensary.

I have not visited a single Sunnyside Dispensary location. The bright, white lights and bright, white faces aren’t who I’m used to buying my cannabis from. It’s intimidating, and their crisp clean perfect persona is hardly welcoming. It’s almost fitting that this white owned dispensary would open during these trying times for social equity applicants. Near a baseball field with a history of unsavory practices when it comes to minorities. The Cubs have long been criticized for its lack of representation on and off the field. From racist incidents at Hispanic nights, to its historical lack of minority players, the Cubs and their rowdy fans are Sunnyside’s target and ideal audience. And while the Cubs have tried hard to shed that negative light, Sunnyside’s Cresco Labs is just starting it’s infamous career. No surprise that another white dispensary is opening today. In a predominantly white neighborhood. It’s old news.

Now what do I think will happen now that Sunnyside Wrigleyville is open?

The same thing that’s been happening in this party town for years. People will come to view games, to drink, and to party. The difference is that now they’ll be able to buy weed from a trendy, blood sucking location. Not only has Cresco labs cemented their shitty weed persona, but their Sunnyside Dispensaries are quickly becoming the Walmarts of Weed. Another few million dollars easily generated while minorities still aren’t given a chance. It’s a simple reminder that while so many applicants are left in limbo, these money hungry corporations go about their business as usual. So while some of you may wish to visit this relocated dispensary, I will pass strictly on morals and my inability to look past this monopolization of the industry.

A fitting Wrigleyville Dispensary.

So go ahead and check out Sunnyside Wrigleyville, or don’t. They’ll make their millions anyway. And if you do decide to buy from them, remember all of the good weed we’re missing out on because corporations like Cresco Labs have monopolized the industry. How are there already more than one location of Sunnyside when there are still zero minority owned locations? I know you guys might be tired of hearing me talk about it, now imagine how tired all of these applicants are of waiting. I will not stop writing about it until I am able to walk into a dispensary that is owned by someone who looks like me. 

Have you visited Sunnyside Wrigleyville? Let me know your experience in the comments!!

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