Cute Weed Accessories You Can Find on Amazon

Now I know Jeff Bezos is a cunt. We all know, but we also can’t deny the convenience that Amazon offers. Please note that I will earn a small commission from anything you purchase, so I hope you all will support a passionate writer. This is no way trying to get money out of your pockets, just some ways that you guys can support your favorite cannabis blogger. Make sure that if you happen to purchase these items, you tag me @mexandthecitychi. I happen to be a fan of convenient, luxe / boho items that serve a purpose. Most of these are to my taste, but this won’t be the only of this type of post.

If you’re a backyard smoker like I am, you don’t want to just throw your roaches everywhere. Especially when you smoke prerolls. This cute little ashtray is perfect to keep in your outdoor chillin area.

If you’re the type of person who smokes in your car (like me) then you probably have one of those ugly black cup ashtrays. Now, look at this super cute alternative. All you gotta do is style it up in your car.

Who doesn’t love a good cannabaddie t shirt? With a high rating you can be sure you’re getting what you see in the pictures. Personally I like the holographic details and the bougie insinuations. And you can’t beat that price!

This is probably my favorite item on here. We all know witch bitch energy is all the rage lately, and this stoner essentials box is a super cute addition. It includes a stash jar, a grinder, and 2 herb trays. Along with the actual smell proof box that it comes with. Definitely a nice bundle for those astrological baddies who like to smoke.

I don’t know why I’m a fan of these vintage style ashtrays. This one in particular caught my attention. I love the ornate details and just overall how fancy it looks. Who says smoking weed can’t be an upscale affair? Perfect for those who smoke around their house or yard. The cover even makes it easy to take anywhere with you.

As someone who actually doesn’t use rolling trays, I actually fell in love with this one. Look how cute and pink it is. With the little bows it makes it the perfect addition to any cannabaddies smoking area. It reminds me of old school ceramics and with its chunky details it gives me a French inspired vibe. Definitely a must grab!

Now we all know that weed, along with all its sandwich bags and plastic jars, can be quite bulky to travel with. Buying this makes it easy to put your weed in a smell proof bag that almost looks like a makeup bag. It’s super convenient and even includes a lock if you don’t want anyone stealing your stash. Plus look at the pretty pink marbling!

My homie The Smoke Buddy IN PINK! I am a huge fan of the smoke buddy, I have both sizes and use them regularly. If you’re the type of person who can’t smoke indoors, or even if you’re headed to vacay at a no smoking hotel, these bad boys will keep your little secret. Simply exhale into the mouth opening and watch the smoke immediately disappear. Pro tip: keep the tops off overnight so the smell won’t linger within the device.

Look at this cute ass lighter y’all. Just LOOK AT IT. I couldn’t wait to order this. I’m definitely the kind of girl who likes shit thats pink and girly and just overall EXTRA and I would say this lighter definitely checks all those boxes. Sure, we’ve all seen the gun lighters and they look cool. But this is specifically for the ladies!

The Powerhitter is another one of my favorite devices, here in PINK! I like using it when I’m smoking blunts or joints indoors so as to avoid the smells. I have heard its also great for groups but I have yet to give that a go. I usually use it alone along with my Smoke Buddy so that I can smoke a blunt in my room without leaving any trace of a smell. Definitely worth picking one up!

Lastly, these very cute pink cones. Perfect for filming Tik Toks or for showing off with your friends, they have pink weed leaves monogrammed into them. Personally I’m a bigger fan of blunts but have purchased cones through Amazon and have been pleased every time. Worth giving a shot if you’re looking for something cute to smoke out of.

Have you ever purchased any cute weed accessories from Amazon?

Amazon is a place where creators like myself can go and make some sort of commission for our work. As a cannabis writer, I am not entitled to any ad revenue for the ads you see here on my website. That means I make zero dollars from them. Whatever you purchase from this list will award me with a small commission, something that I can use to keep Mex and the City Chicago running. Please also don’t forget to sign up for my email list to stay up to date on this and other posts. Thank you all for your continued support!

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