Cannabaddie Spotlight : Gold Grrl

On the Tuesday before the Open Mic, I bring you guys a fun interview with a local Cannabaddie Musician. Gold Grrl is a fierce energy that consumed our Open Mic when she performed a few of her hits. I am excited to introduce you all to her and introduce her new weedcentric heavy metal song that will become one of your favorite stoner jams. She will be performing on June 18th with her band Electric Mothership at Beat Kitchen for Punk Black Music Festival. Speaking to Gold Grrl, we chatted about cigarettes, maintaining your voice as a smoker, and buying weed off of Tinder.

“Well I moved to Chicago when I was 22. Originally it was all about downtown and that’s where I mainly was.” Gold Grrl is so fun and exciting to chat with. Our conversation was filled with laughs and reminiscing on the old internet. She holds nothing back, mentioning how her father was a long time cigarette smoker and how that affected her views on smoking and even cannabis. “Despite smoking I actually had a lung screening and was good. Like no sign of anything in either of my lungs” which is no small feat considering she’s been a regular cannabis consumer for close to 10 years.

“Now I smoke basically every day. And it feels so good to say that and not be judged. Or have to worry about opinions.” And she’s absolutely right. As a daily smoker myself, there are absolutely no judgments. In fact, we both have a preference for blunts. And although she owns a bong and even a vaporizer, she admits to leaning towards blunts as a preference. It feels good to ease her mind of judgements, and to once again spread destigmatization in even smaller conversations like ours.

“When I first moved to Chicago I became connected to the music scene as a B girl” and it’s no surprise. The multi-talented singer, song writer, dancer, produces and executes all of her work. One look at her tracklist and you will note the distinct style delivered by this powerhouse. I listened to a few of her tracks and was immediately hypnotized! She’s a glittery goth girl with some killer tracks and I am here for her living her best cannabaddie life.

“I actually didn’t start smoking until my 20’s.” Which is surprising considering how comfortable she is speaking about her usage. We had a laugh discussing the old days of buying weed on Tinder. “I would literally just find dealers there if I was out of town. Craigslist was also a place where you could buy anything, but that was before. It doesn’t exist that way anymore.” Back in my day, Craigslist was the place where you could find ass or gas. And it’s hilarious to know others also experienced it that way. I also gave her my tip of using Snap Maps from Snapchat when she’s out of town as a way of finding local bud. Any time I travel, I scour the snap map for those uploading their weed and have actually had positive sales transactions from dealers I met off Snap.

Speaking on her new song “Take a Break” she hopes to bring a different perspective on the stoner song. Whereas most fall under the hip hop or folk music category, Gold Grrl has created a heavy metal stoner song. Asking those who are stressed to “Take a Break” and have a smoke to relax. While heavy metal is usually amped up and not what one would consider to be “Chill music”, it’s the type of song you definitely want to scream along to. Like an aggressive feel good song that lets you take out the rage in your soul. And after you’ve let it all out, you can smoke a jay to take a break.

We all know that maintaining your voice as a performer is extremely important. So it’s surprising to encounter those who are fearless with their cannabis consumption. Talking to Gold Grrl, she gave me a few tips to share with my readers ahead of the Open Mic:

  • Vocal Rest is the best medicine when you’re hoarse
  • Make sure you can hear yourself when performing! Be a bitch about your monitor and keep your ear plugs close.
  • She uses different styles of singing, and implements Opera techniques for herself. She also recommends “Zen of Screaming” by Melissa Cross
  • Singing involves your entire body, and she recommends taking care of it
  • Learn the anatomy of your style of singing. She notes that your lungs are anchored by your liver and spleen.
  • Sing from your belly! Through your face and out of the root of your mouth. She says it activates the upper palate and removes stress from the vocal cords.

I want to thank Gold Grrl for talking to me and sharing her amazing tips for the performers of my Open Mic. We all like to consume and have a good toke, but don’t let that put your voice in jeopardy. Especially as a spoken word artist, whether it’s singing, rapping, or speaking. Cherish your vocal chords! Make sure you all follow Gold Grrl on Youtube, Instagram, and check out her music links to hear her new stoner song “Take a Break” as well as her full line up of jams. And don’t forget to come out on June 18th to Beat Kitchen for Punk Black Music Festival to watch her perform live with her band Electric Mothership!

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