Growing Marijuana in Illinois with 606 Hydro

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Being able to grow your own weed is any stoners dream come true.

Gratefully, as our laws have finally permitted, those holding a medical marijuana card can actually accomplish this. I was fortunate enough to meet 606 Hydro Farms at my last open mic. A local grower with the intent to teach others how to cultivate and grow marijuana in Illinois. His social media was groovy and he seemed really dedicated to teaching his craft. A vendor at my open mic, he had an amazing set up and brought some welcoming and approachable vibes. I even managed to snag up a preroll, something that he sells as a novelty. A way to prove his growing skills.

Boy was I impressed.

Usually pre-rolls are not the best option to enjoy good flower. But it was the high quality and smooth smoke that did it for me. 606 Hydro specializes in the hydroponic methods of growing, but it’s not even his weed. It’s the fact that he can show others how to grow it too. With just a glance at his Youtube channel you come across video after informative video of the process of growing marijuana in Illinois. It’s consistent with his Instagram page, a hub of information for the clueless stoner, like myself. The quality from a local grower doing it on his own was impressive, as made clear by the pre-roll I enjoyed. We’re currently experiencing a post-legalization slump in Illinois, and having access to local information is vital.

I would say that my first rookie mistake was growing in Deepwater culture without preparing for the hot summers of Chicago. If the water in the reservoir get above 70° you are in trouble in a DWC system.

Hydro 606 Farms

When asked about his rookie mistake, he mentioned a regional hiccup like misjudging the local heat. I was even more marveled at his mention of our high prices for mids. It reminds me of how good places like LA and Colorado have it. Sure we have legalization, but we are vastly behind in many aspects. Growing marijuana in Illinois is still very controversial, and it’s reassuring to see others not afraid. It’s reassuring knowing that while Illinois may still be very behind, marijuana still starts with just a seed. With just soil, water, and one of 606 Hydro’s grow kits, you’re able to grow what people pay hundreds for.

I highly suggest checking out 606 Hydro on Youtube and Instagram if you’re interested in growing marijuana in lllinois or really anywhere. The concise videos and local anecdotes make it easy to get sucked in. Keep an eye out for his Podcast as well as his other event appearances. Pick up one of his pre-rolls to sample his personal grow. 

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