Heidi Gives You Wings!


That word alone drives millions of people crazy. They are a pop culture icon at this point. Which is why it’s no surprise that finding infused wings was extremely easy. I came across Heidi at a few events, always hesitant. You see, wings are a hot ass mess. It’s a whole process to eat them, one I would rather do at home and not in the middle of a crowded room. I wish I had known sooner she packs them away in to-go containers!

I intended to write this after the first time I ate them. I went to the event by Big Dawg Exotics, out in Waukegan, in the middle of absolute nowhere. Walking in, I headed straight to her booth, just short of hunting her down. I intended to eat them on the way home, like I usually do. It was a really good time, and I got to buy a bunch of goodies, even tho I forgot to actually try her other stuff. Well, long story short, I got high as hell and I was not going to type up a post about my high ass eating wings in a random parking lot in Waukegan.

I wanted to give myself a second chance to actually taste them. Well, it only confirmed what I already knew. They are absolutely delicious. The first time, if I remember correctly, I had the honey BBQ and some sort of Chili flavor (sorry). I have to say, the Honey BBQ was beautifully caramelized. I love that initial bite before getting into the actual white meat. It was sweet and tangy and moist. I definitely preferred the honey BBQ in taste and texture. It just seemed so filled with flavor in comparison to the Chili ones I ate the second time. Overall, both flavors could give (enter chain wing restaurant) a run for its money. They are definitely a treat to try, and probably better catered in bigger portions. Four were not enough, as you can imagine, they went pretty quickly.

If you’re a fan of wings, I definitely recommend you check out Heidi’s Happy Treats. I’m a fan of good quality food, and I saved one of the wings in my fridge for the next day. It was just as delicious as if it was fresh. I wasn’t really sure on what the dose is on the 4 wings. It didn’t seem to be a lot, or my tolerance might just be very high. Definitely a fun infused party treat, if you’re looking. I’ll add her Instagram info, make sure you give her a follow! She’s an absolute doll and I look forward to trying more of her products.

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