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High Class Conversations with Nikki Fullove

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It takes a lot of balls to roll a blunt in a room full of men, especially when you’re feminine and with impeccable style.

While men glide through life with little criticism, we as women still have to lend an ear to statements like “Smoking isn’t ladylike”. As if smoking diminishes the never-ending obstacles that women have to face in order to be considered a “lady” to begin with. It is why cannabis podcasts such as High Class Conversations are so important. From the moment I pressed play and the sweet sounds of Erykah Badu filled my room, I knew this was something I could lend an ear to. Let me tell you, I really am glad I did.

Nikki is really nothing short of a powerhouse. She is well spoken, and very knowledgeable when it comes to cannabis and the industry. She also just so happens to be pretty as hell, which is a clutch in this industry. And yet she revels in who she is. The type of person who is so confident in herself that she makes you feel just as confident about yourself. She encompasses what she calls the new type of productive stoner, not the old ideas. A hard ass worker, and a commendable story of an educated woman who is passionate about cannabis. Through her experience in the medical field she has not only been able to find a place in the cannabis industry, but also flourish through it. 

High Class Conversations is her way of spreading community while talking about cannabis.

Her emphasis on its use as a medicine is responsible and important. What most of us see as a fun time, is really necessary for many. Listening to High Class Conversations is entertaining, but it is also educational. Her partner is just as thorough in their conversations, and it is genuinely like listening to 2 friends chatting about weed. What’s empowering is how educated they are about the topic, and how they are able to use their real life experiences as examples. Sure, the podcast is casual and welcoming, but that only adds to its appeal. It makes you want to light one up before you listen.

For any woman, that wants to try or wants to start, be in a safe environment. We no longer have to worry about laced weed, sit down with budtenders who can give you an experience. Any canna-baddie at any age.


With topics ranging from social equity, to stoner music, this podcast is a fun and informative listen.

I recommend it to all my readers, and have added it to my line up of cannabis podcasts. I have never been partial to men in suits talking about cannabis in a boring way. That’s just not a proper representation of the cannabis community. I much prefer listening to people like Nikki, real life people who laugh, and who joke, and who are able to do these and still get their point across. Because relaying an important message in a lighthearted way does not take away it’s importance. In fact, Nikki has created a podcast that is relatable, accessible, while also being informative. And that is something that I can definitely get behind.

Making space for women of color in cannabis is vital. In fact, supporting Nikki, High Class Conversations, and all of her endeavors is a responsibility as a cannabis consumer in a state that forgets people like us. She was very encouraging, and suggested I jump right in without holding back. Her own story of being hired through Instagram is surprising, and when speaking to her you feel motivated and ready to jump forward yourself. I am always inspired by these local legends, paving their own way, especially in the cannabis industry. Please check out Nikki at her Instagram below. Also check out the first episode of High Class Conversations below.

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