How to Enjoy Sex on Weed

When it comes to sex and cannabis, we have a lot to talk about. Often considered for its afrodisiac properties, the amount of people who say they enjoy sex while high is, well, high! Cannabis is known for its anti-inflamatory properties, and with almost 75% of women claiming to experience pain from sex at some point, it’s a great treatment to take before the deed. Please keep in mind that I’m not a nurse nor in any way a medical professional, but these are tips that I have done / used. I’ve been a smoker my whole life and have dated smokers and non-smokers. Although my boyfriend doesn’t smoke, we have an open understanding of my relationship with cannabis. And that’s really the most important part to any sexual encounter: comfortablilty to be oneself. But how exactly can you enjoy sex on weed? And do strains matter? I’ll go over all of this and more below!

The Best Strains of Cannabis for Sex

Arguably, any strain can get the job done. But there are a few recognized for being couple friendly. The most important thing to remember is trial and error. Try out and experiment as much as you can. Some people prefer blunts before sex, som prefer edibles. It’s all about your tolerance and what level you feel comfortable with being high. 

Some of the strains that are associated with a good time are Granddaddy Purp also known as “The Green Viagra”. Wedding Cake is, conveniently, a good strain for couples as well. The classic Sour Diesel is a surprising addition to this list. Again these are just some of the more popular ones, but it’s all about trial and error.

How Cannabis Affects Libido and Arousal

The calming effects of cannabis can turn out to be a problem for some men. While highly recommended in women, some men find that it can make it hard to get hard.. The reason for this is because cannabis has calmed your mind to a level that is hard to recuperate from. Men especially have to deal with a lot of adrenaline and testosterone to maintain an erection, both of which are hard to produce while under the calming effects of may jane.

This does NOT mean that the fellas should not indulge before play. My tip would be to get your body moving. Take a smoke walk with your bae. Or smoke a few hours before the deed. It’s important to remember to avoid fatty foods while you smoke, eat foods high in Vitamin B12, and hell maybe even listen to some music or watch a funny movie to get your blood going. Drinking alcohol while smoking weed can also greatly affect your ability to maintain an erection. Best thing to do is eat your greens, exercise your body, and communicate with your partner.

THC or CBD Lube

Lubricants are a fun and easy way to spice up any bedroom. And with all the new products out on the market, it’s one of the easiest to find. When it comes to lube, you want to make sure it serves your purpose. Sure there are a ton of options out there, but what exactly is your goal with its use? Personally, when we’re speaking of preferences, I recommend CBD infused lube. THC includes the psychoactive effect, and unless you’re planning on drinking the lube, you won’t have much of that type of effect in your private parts. Better keep the THC in your blunt and the CBD between your legs.

Why does weed make you hornier? Weed and libido

When it comes to medical terms, no weed does not actually make you hornier. Despite many myths, it can definitely improve sex for some couples, but it doesn’t actually have any proven aphrodisiac abilities. While I would definitely recommend using cannabis in any form in the bedroom, it’s not going to make anyone instantly horny.

Now women, we have a different experience. Due to its pain relieving abilities, we know that it helps 75% of women who experience pain during sex. Pain during sex can be from a variety of things like PCOS. CBD is especially helpful for pain and you won’t experience any psychoeffect. Now if you do enjoy the psychoeffect, you can consume it in any number of ways. From edibles to classic doobies, getting high requires trial and error.

Marijuana and sex: Does weed make sex better?

Does weed make sex better? Yes, but only for those who know they enjoy weed. There are some people who experience anxiety and other side effects when they get high. But if you’re someone who has on occasion smoked and enjoyed the experience, then it will definitely make it better. Fellas, if you know that on occasions smoking weed makes it hard to “get hard”, then maybe don’t smoke or smoke hours before it’s your turn to perform. Foreplay is everyone’s best friend. So make sure you give yourself plenty of opportunity to focus.

Ladies, when you first smoke you’re going to feel a bit of a head rush. All you have to do is ride that initial head rush out, and then you will drift off into the feeling of just being high. Until then it’s best to breathe slowly and maybe even have your partner do your favorite type of foreplay. By the time you enter actually being high you and your partner will be ready to go!

Marijuana Sex Tips for Couples

So I have a few fun ideas for you freaks. If it’s just you and bae getting toasty at home here are a couple of ways that you can spice up your smoke sesh:

  • Shotguns: I’ve mentioned them before but they’re a classic. Have your partner take a large toke into his mouth and press your lips against his and inhale. You’re basically using him as a human bowl.
  • The Bong Job: If you’re a bong smoker, take one of your pieces and have your partner hold it between his thighs. Not close enough to burn him! Then take a nice long rip in any man’s favorite position!

Keep Water and Lube on Hand

I guess the most important thing to remember is that you have to keep an open mind and try, try again. When it comes to cannabis, you have to find your comfort zone. That level of high that just makes you feel good. When you get there it’ll be easier to get off with your partner. Just make sure to keep water close for that cotton mouth. If it’s your first couple of times, lube can help ease you in. It helps to have an understanding partner whose mutual goal is to get you off. Cannabis can help with the sex jitters, it can help prolong and intensify your orgasm, but it can also cause unpleasant moments if not taken correctly. Thats the most important part about enjoying sex on weed, is being conscious and self aware. If you happen to get too high, make sure to keep CBD on hand to counteract the effects.

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