How to Get Rid of Weed Smell on Yourself

As a stoner, I hate arriving at important events reeking of weed. Most times, it’s inevitable and I have grown to remove the shame surrounding smelling like weed. As a confident woman, I have even grown to accept it; yes it happens, no it doesn’t matter. People always ask me what I do to avoid it and the truth is: very little. But if I’m going somewhere particularly important, I do abide by a few certain steps. Let’s assume that you’re smoking either in your car or your house. If you’re smoking while walking outside, you’ll abide by a whole different set of rules. I tend to smoke in my car so this is my process. Here’s how I get rid of weed smell on myself:

Remove my Coat

When I’m in my car I remove the outer layer of whatever I’m wearing, and toss it in the backseat. Make sure to put it lower down on your seat instead of higher up where the smoke usually goes.

Put my Hair Up

No matter how my hair is, I try to pull it back as much as I can away from my face. You want to move all your bangs, wisps, and baby hairs from flowing freely around your face. 

Keep a Hard Candy

This is an old trick that I picked up from one of my mom’s friends when I was little, suck on a hard candy while you smoke. The sugar will create a barrier in your mouth. You can also substitute mints if you’d like.

Use a Roach Clip

Roach clips are the most useful for making sure you’re not smelling like weed. If you don’t have any on hand, you can use the following as alternatives: bobby pin, paperclip, eyebrow tweezers, you can use a pen clip or even a straw. If you have a whole blunt, put the end of it into a straw. This keeps the blunt furthest away from you while you hit it, once the cherry gets too close to the actual straw, you can change it into a roach clip.

Stay Hydrated

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I like to apply chapstick before and after smoking. Your lips are subject to the smoke passing between them and keeping them hydrated is important. I also drink water while I smoke. Smoking dehydrates you, so it’s important that you keep plenty of water around.

Apply Hand Sanitizer

We are living in the age of COVID, so having access to hand sanitizer has never been easier. I like to pour some into the palm of my hand and scrape my nails against it, just to be sure that it goes into the nooks and crevices that keep your hands smelling like weed. Be generous, it’ll dry eventually.

Honorable Mentions

A couple of handy tools I wanted to mention that I use frequently are first The Smoke Buddy. I have the full size and the trial size, both of which work very well. I’ve used The Smoke Buddy inside my house, my car, and in hotels. Paired with The Hitter, you can smoke a blunt almost entirely scent free. But my recommendation when using The Smoke Buddy is to smoke out of a bowl, since it doesn’t create as much smoke as blunts.

Once I’ve done all of this, I step out of my car, spray myself with a modest amount of perfume, and put my coat on. I let my hair down, apply my chapstick or lipstick, and continue on. The most important thing to remember is ventilation. No matter what, you need to air yourself out. Have your windows open or take a quick walk. From there you can use regular methods like breath mints and perfume. It’s just that when you smoke some extra dank, those two methods alone aren’t enough. That’s why I have my own little routine.

What are some of your tips and tricks to not smell like weed? Do you even care? Comment below what your favorite methods are for having a scent free smoking experience?

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