How to Make Cannabis Tincture

One of my earliest memories pertaining to cannabis are of my mom pulling out her green alcohol and rubbing it on my injuries. Whether it was a sore shoulder or a sprained ankle, I was sure to be sat down and rubbed down with the cannabis infused rubbing alcohol. It was a staple in many households, one that was more progressive than we even knew. My mom, who, like many Mexican mothers, expressed a deep disdain for smoking marijuana, was aware of their health benefits. Not to say that this concoction was strictly Mexican, but it was a phenomenon that occurred in my Mexican household. You see my mom, to this day, shuns the idea of using cannabis as a medical treatment. Yet it was she who was the very first person who introduced me to it. Let’s take a look at how to make cannabis tincture, and I’ll also explain how to make the rubbing alcohol mix.

What is Cannabis tincture?

Tinctures are one of the oldest ways to consume alternative medicines. They are alcohol based mixtures that extract the beneficial properties of certain plants, like cannabis, to create a liquid that can be mixed into foods and drinks. Although it has recently become quite popular, they are actually as old as time. Tinctures can be made from a variety of substances, not just cannabis, and can even be made from hemp. The rubbing alcohol / weed combination used in many Mexican households would be considered a non-edible tincture. Since rubbing alcohol is not food grade and since the cannabis isn’t decarboxylated beforehand. Still, many use it to treat sore muscles, aches, pains, and even congestion. This just further attests to the healing power of cannabis.

How Do You Use Cannabis Tincture?

The use of tinctures is heavily dependent on your goal. If you’re looking for a high or just needing relief, you’ll find that tinctures are a great option. Usually packaged with droppers, for easier dosing. You simply drop a couple of drops into your food or drink, or even just simply into your mouth. Remember to start with only a couple of drops and increase slowly until you reach your desired effect. If you’re taking a hemp tincture, then there is no need to worry if you might overconsume, so take the recommended amount, and maybe even a little more than that. Cannabis tinctures can help with all of the ailments that cannabis helps with, including nausea, seizures, and pain relief. Finding the right dose is a trial and error process, so make sure to keep some CBD on hand in case you over consume.

How To Make Cannabis Tincture

Making cannabis tincture can be a rather easy process, one that can be done in a few steps. The most important part to remember is that you must buy food grade alcohol. You also want to keep in mind that it is a 4:1 alcohol to cannabis flower ratio. From there you just have to gather a baking sheet, some Everclear, and a jar to keep your tincture. It’s also handy to have a medicine dropper and jar for dosing.

The Process for How To Make Cannabis Tincture

  1. Grind up all your flower and place it on a baking sheet. Make sure it is spread out.
  2. Heat at 220 degrees for an hour 
  3. Place your alcohol in a jar, make sure you have an airtight lid
  4. Put your decarboxylated flower into the alcohol jar and close tightly, make sure you put it in a dark, cool place
  5. For 2 weeks allow the flower and alcohol to do its thing. Make sure you shake the jar 2 times a day.
  6. After those 2 weeks, use a cheesecloth to sift out the flower and squeeze out any excess alcohol. Shake generously.
  7. Use as needed, make sure to store in a dark, cool place.

The Mexican Cannabis Alcohol Tincture Method

As a non edible alternative, I’ll show you how to make the rubbing alcohol concoction that my mom always kept at home. Please note that this is not edible in any way and should be used as a topical.

  • Using the same 4:1 ratio, in your bottle of rubbing alcohol submerse the necessary amount of flower into the container.
  • Shake twice a day for two weeks until the two have been completely combined
  • Store in a cool, dark place. Flower can be sifted out or maintained in the container as is customary.

This mixture can then be applied to wounds or sprains as needed using a cotton ball. Can also be rubbed on the chest as a decongestant. It is important to remember that while this is very similar to tincture, it is not actually edible. Please keep out of reach of children.

Edibles Made from Cannabis Tincture

It is true that many edibles can be made from cannabis tincture. Personally I am a fan of using them to infuse drinks. You might worry that the alcohol will make you drunk, but please keep in mind that you will dose your drinks with only a few drops at a time. Making it nearly impossible to get drunk from the alcohol. Please also keep in mind to use it sparingly, only adding more after sufficient time has passed. You don’t want to over consume and find yourself in a nasty high that you are unable to shake. It is better to start at a low dose and then slowly add until you find your desired effects. A lot of people prefer purchasing tinctures over edibles because they can infuse any meal or drink while also allowing the maximum amount of control.

Cannabis tinctures have recently become very popular, but they are as old as time. Perfect for micro-dosers and those looking for flexibility when it comes to their cannabis consumption. You can also purchase tinctures from different brands to avoid having to do this process yourself. How to make cannabis tincture? Well the answer is fairly simple, and one that you can do at home. With some cannabis and some food grade alcohol you too can have your own tincture to use at home. Just remember to dose responsibly.

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