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I Love You, Like I Love Chicago

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They say loving Chicago is like 

Being in love with a thug

But I love my city the way I love my man

Enveloped in my misunderstood hugs

His arms are like the tree lined blocks

His look is like the sunny skies

His voice is like a neighbors music

His love, a most welcome surprise

I love him like I love driving down 26th street

Music blasting with a blunt in my hand

I love him like I love Chicago Ave

Cicero, Kedzie, and Ashland

I’m the girl who fell in love

With this most violent city

But when I fell in love with him

I turned into his sweet, soft kitty

Because in me you see the hood

The vices that men crave

The men who stand around the liquor store

The ones on corners who think they’re brave

My love is not a jaded love

His eyes are so full of dreams

His love is jaded, tired, and street smart

We make the perfect team

I love him like I love my city

It’s why I keep him away

Because my city is the city

That saw even my darkest days

The city is my past 

But your love is my future

I love you like Chicago

It’s not perfect like a picture

Because I love my city, 

In the ways I know I can

It’s the way I love my city

That’s how I love my man

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