Mold in Illinois Cannabis

What is found in Illinois Cannabis? Lies!

It’s come as a shock to so many what the Sun Times has uncovered in Illinois Dispensary Marihuana. From mold, to other pesticides and outside elements that do not belong in cannabis, it was quite the read. I can say I was genuinely entertained, but not at all surprised. We all know potency and THC percentages are not very accurate as it is. But some of the other findings were very concerning. Let me tell you why.

Illinois, despite housing the third biggest city in the United States, has a very limited cannabis market. What this means is that those cultivators who DO have a license, are operating against very little competition. Because of this, there is no real importance placed on convenience, variety, and apparently, quality. These current corporations are focused on maximizing profitability, so they sacrifice product quality and even employee satisfaction. It doesn’t matter, because up to this point, they are the only ones we can purchase from. If someone is looking to purchase cannabis legally, they have to be careful of products that aren’t even held to a standard. Despite the amount of money we have to pay, none of it is used on quality control?

We’ve seen the immensely flawed system that processes licenses. We’ve seen the haphazard attempts at offering social equity. We have been given broken promises, we have watched them outright lie to consumers and applicants alike. There is no accountability in a crooked system, and we are paying for it. By paying for weed that isn’t even consumable. By being forced to support companies who wouldn’t give our communities a dime. By watching those who never suffered for cannabis, profit from it in a horrible and unrespectable way. We knew from the beginning we would experience problem after problem, thanks to the Chicago Sun Times for finally updating articles that we need to read.

matter cannabis products found to contain mold

I plan to dig deeper on all of these allegations, and go further into the companies mentioned, but I wanted to provide a quick debrief for those of you who couldn’t read all the articles.

Tom Schuba from the Chicago Sun Times led an investigation into a few different pre roll companies, testing their cannabis independently and publishing the results. What ensued was actual chaos, all because of facts put out by arguably one of the most credible cannabis sources in the city. I commend them for not only conducting these studies, but also for slamming the Department of Agriculture and their lack of follow through or transparency when it comes to the products they allow to be sold to medical patients. What this report shows is the complete lack of accountability on behalf of all the departments put in place to make sure we have access to quality cannabis products. It brought attention to the lack of recent information about testing failures and what companies are the main culprits. All information that the state should not only already have, but also allow to be easily accessed. 

Pre rolls sold at 8 dispensaries all over the Chicagoland area were found to be tainted with mold, and other contaminants that should not be found in cannabis. What does this mean for you as a consumer? That if you’ve purchased pre rolls from Verano, matter, Dog Walkers, Innocent, or Ozone, there is a big chance you smoked mold. Not only that, they found that if you bought from Dog Walkers, Verano, or Innocence, you might’ve bought weed that didn’t contain the amount of THC listed. So not only did they lie to your ass, they also contaminated your ass. Keep in mind they tasted pre rolls from 6 dispensaries in Chicago, and a couple of others just outside of it. So this is a problem right in our backyard. That means that there’s a better chance of finding an underground grower with better quality than the ones being sold at licensed dispensaries.

According to the Sun Times, Illinois has the strictest regulations in the country for cannabis safety and quality, and yet they are not at all enforced by Illinois Officials. And while they are now reporting on it, people have been posting all over social media and Reddit since it’s legalization. Offering examples, discussing their bad experience with certain brands, products, and even dispensaries. Sure it’s great that someone is finally picking up the story, but the story is not new. It’s what cannabis consumers in Illinois have been saying for over a year: We are being sold shitty products, by shitty corporations. 

Chicago Sun Times Cannabis Testing Results

The most surprising report out of all of this? The fact that Cresco’s flower actually passed all the tests. Giving a new light to Illinois’ most hated cannabis corporation. Also surprising is the findings on favorites like Verano and Dog Walkers. The table above shows what they were tested for and the grades. And while it is surprising, it is not news that these companies are sacrificing quality for profit. Especially when these same companies are known to treat their very own employees like trash. What can we really expect from corporations that run cannabis corporations like pig farms? Not much at all. I will be diving more into this story next week. For now I wanted to include some of the information from the article.

Do you shop at dispensaries? How did this report make you feel?

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