Johnny'z Infuzed Horchata

Johnny’z Infuzed: It’s the Horchata for Me…

In Chicago, if you want tacos, you can find at least a dozen spots that are good. But if you’re looking for infused Horchata, Johnny’z Infuzed is the only name you need to know.

It was on a hungover Saturday afternoon at the office that my generous coworker gave me a passion fruit, 100ml, Johnny’z Infuzed juice. Ever the skeptic, I drank half of the neatly packaged plastic container, “working away at my desk.” The very first thing I noticed was just how delicious it was! Honestly I wanted to drink the whole thing but figured I didn’t want to be stoned at work.

Boy was I glad I didn’t drink that whole juice. Apart from being tasty, it also got me very toasty. It was a lull high, at half the container. A welcome realization within 30 minutes of drinking it. I definitely felt it, and I pulled out my phone and followed them on the spot.

Johnny'z Infuzed

With high hopes, dazzled by their popular social media presence, I quickly inquired about ordering. And I was not disappointed. They truly have the process down to a science. From choosing your flavors to paying, they’ve made it very easy to get the goods. Within a couple of days of placing my order, I had my hands on one of the most delicious horchatas I’ve ever had.

I’m not exaggerating, the horchata is delicious. It’s milky, and just like the passion fruit juice, it’s fresh and the flavors aren’t overpowered. I could’ve drank a gallon of the stuff, but then I would probably be way too high for my own good. They’re so delicious you’ll want to drink them all, and fast, but be warned, it’s the perfect dosage in every container.

Highly recommend them, these guys are quickly becoming a household name! Make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up to date.

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