He’s Innocent! Whatchu Smokin on Jussie?

Jussie Smollet, a Chicago native and Empire star, is currently on trial for an attack on HIM back in January of 2019. According to the State’s Attorney, Jussie orchestrated a hate crime against himself in order to garner “sympathetic media coverage.” He is accused of paying two brothers to attack him and orchestrating the whole ordeal.

Reading all of the articles that these vulture journalists have put out, tearing apart his testimony, tearing apart his character and his values. It’s truly sad. He doesn’t deserve to be picked apart this way. And through all the sensationalized headlines of Jussie doing drugs with his attackers, we learned one very big fact:

Jussie smokes Blunts. Yes sir, the man behind the headlines smokes blunts. I’m not surprised, I’m amused. Everyone knows that blunt smokers are innocent of any wrongdoing. The way that the media has torn him down leads me to believe this is all just a witch hunt on a black man.

Because honestly, I forgive him. Literally it is an embarrassment that our city, a city that allows hundreds of thousands of murders to go unsolved, is now trying to use this black man as a lesson. They have now wasted taxpayer dollars for over TWO YEARS just to remind us that people of color cannot get away with the same things that white people do. It’s especially daunting considering we just watched a white boy get released after killing 2 people. The same white boy who is now getting featured on right wing podcasts, just to taunt everybody.

Yet Jussie Smollet, a beloved actor is being used as an example. And it’s heartbreaking. Because even if he DID do it, he will have to pay for his crimes. While hundreds of Karen’s can get away with filing false police reports against people of color EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Well excuse me if I’m not quick to demonize him. I would even say I sympathize with the man. Because what if he is innocent? He has now been harassed, defamed, and silenced for over 2 years. The worst part of the media is how they cover his story. Because A. He is a homosexual man, and B Because we are talking about an African American man the media feels they don’t need to provide him with any respect. It’s disgusting and embarrassing that our city would go this far. 

As we speak, the city of Chicago has approved one of the permits needed to build a Metal Scrapping facility in Chicago’s most polluted neighborhoods. A crime against hundreds of low income people of color, but crimes AGAINST people of color are not as worthy of the media as a crime BY a person of color. It’s such a shame, these journalists could focus their power and their efforts on real issues going on in our city, and yet they are clinging to this ridiculously unfair story about a black man’s woes in Chicago.

So while our city’s government demonizes this young black man, I only have one question for him:

Whatchu smokin on Jussie?

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