Mary Jane on the Mag Mile?

One of the most common phrases quoted by Lori Lightfoot in regards to cannabis downtown is that she doesn’t want to turn Michigan Ave into a “pot paradise”. A phrase that was pounded into our heads within the last couple of weeks, since the City Council voted on allowing cannabis sales downtown.

In an almost obscenely greedy move, the City Council of Chicago has approved the selling of cannabis in certain areas downtown.

Before Illinois has even allowed social equity applicants to open their cannabis businesses. The way they speak about the topic makes you imagine middle aged rich white people walking down Michigan Ave scoffing at even the idea of cannabis in their perfect world. As if cannabis didn’t create some of these same middle aged rich white people. It’s almost ridiculous how much our local government protects downtown. As if the rest of Chicago, frankly, doesn’t exist. But what would the River Norths and Lakeviews of Chicago be without the North Lawndale and Englewoods?

The reality is, no one who lives outside of downtown is going to make that journey for overpriced marijuana. 

Not only is the commute ridiculously inconvenient, but downtown has enough of its own customers. If Lorie Lightfoot was so concerned about outsiders flocking into downtown, she would encourage Pritzker to push for the opening of the awarded social equity licenses. We don’t need anymore white washed dispensaries in our city. We need money funded to the communities destroyed by the failed war on drugs.

Will you be making the journey downtown to buy weed? Comment below!

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