Mex and the City Chicago’s Guide to Getting High in Galena, IL

Traveling, while fun, comes with big burdens for any cannabis consumer. There’s the question of accommodations, laws, availability, and just the overall question of “how?”. And while out of state traveling comes with a whole other set of worries, traveling within Illinois tends to be a little easier to maneuver. Over Valentine’s Day weekend, I stayed in Galena, Illinois. Galena is a quaint town in northern Illinois about 3 hours from Chicago. that boasts a busy downtown and a variety of outdoor activities. This wasn’t my first time in Galena, but I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys a guide of my experience as a cannabis consumer. I was surprised by the welcoming nature and the open communication over the topic, and I would definitely consider it to be Cannabis Friendly.

Firstly, I brought my own supply. Ever since my pledge to not support dispensaries until we can buy from black and brown companies, I’ve made it a point to not support places that don’t support me. We stayed at the Wyndham resort, a cozy getaway with units that featured, of course, balconies. Balconies are a stoner’s best friend! Since you still cannot consume cannabis at hotels, even the smoking ones, balconies are a way to smoke at your unit. The Wyndham we were staying in was very discrete, and on my many balcony smoke breaks, I never encountered even a single person on their balcony. Sure, it was freezing out, but even when I did encounter someone, they didn’t seem  to pay any mind to the lonely stoner smoking on the balcony.

One of the biggest highlights of Galena was adventuring through the downtown area. It was so fun and filled with all types of fun shops to visit. As a regular consumer, I always keep a blunt in my purse for easy smoking. Although I was worried about not having somewhere to smoke, it seemed to be quite easy. Galena offers many nooks and crannies in their downtown area perfect for veering off and enjoying a quick smoke sesh. In fact, on Saturday when we spent all day adventuring, I easily stopped around 3 times. Always right off the main street. Walking through I also enjoyed my pen, hitting it constantly in and out of the shops. No one seemed to pay any mind, and I was allowed a cannabis filled day in downtown Galena, Illinois.

One thing that was obvious in Galena was their acceptance to the now legal plant we love. Cannabis was a recurring theme from souvenir shops to even hot sauces. It was everywhere! Which only made its use more welcome and more accepted. Surely, in a town as old and as visited as Galena, I would be met with reservations. The truth was the exact opposite. Strolling through downtown we visited the only 2 smoke shops that matter in downtown Galena: The Underground, and Botanicanna.

The Underground, Galena

The underground is a friendly, albeit typical, head shop found in Galena. Easily the fun option, you can stock up on blunts, wraps, and papers galore. We purchased a Smoke Buddy as well as some dabbing accessories, all which were easily found. Not to mention the attendants were the coolest and friendliest dudes on the strip. We even managed to snag some Mr Fog lanyards for my vape loving boo. Over all, despite being the only brown heads in the place, we felt fully welcome and attended to. Would definitely recommend you check out the Underground on your next stoner run in Galena.


Botanicanna is Galenas premier Hemp Dispensary. From the outside it looks like a chic and hip smoke shop. When you walk in you realize, it’s exactly that. From the green and plant filled decor to the shelf filled with jars of Delta 8, it was a very pleasant surprise. Not only was the ambiance inviting, but so were the people. There was a single gentleman behind the counter, a clearly already stoned cannabis enthusiast whose face lit up when I asked him about the goods. He enthusiastically pulled his favorite strain from the wall and held it open for me, for a good sniff. I, of course unable to resist, took a nice whiff of his cannabis and proceeded to shop. From Botanicanna I picked up a pre roll of their Bubba Kush as well as a CBD lollipop and some hemp wraps. Overall, it was a pleasant shopping experience. Highly recommend picking up some local smokes for your trip in Galena.

Overall, I was genuinely surprised by the cannabis accessibility in Galena. Not once did I feel like an outcast or struggled to partake in any real way. In fact, the trip was pleasantly welcoming. Next time you’re planning a trip to Galena, don’t be afraid to bring along all of your canna-goodies. After a night of smoking, we hit up the magic show from PF Masters and were genuinely entertained. Plus there were so many munchie shops to visit! I would say Galena, Illinois is definitely a stoner approved getaway, so plan your next trip to this fun little town!

I wanted to give a quick review of the preroll I purchased from Botanicanna. I picked up Bubba Kush. It’s usually pretty difficult to find quality buds in a pre roll form, but Botanicanna did not disappoint. Not only did it burn smoothly and evenly, but the actual strain produced a very clean smoke. The Bubba Kush produced a nice, subtle high. It was a head high and it made me giggly and uplifted. Despite the low THC percentage, it still managed to get me pretty high. I do prefer hemp papers, not sure if that’s what they used but it did have a heavier paper taste when burning. Overall it was a good smoke, it was fresh, and it was neatly rolled. Definitely would recommend Botanicanna as a local Hemp supplier to check out when in Galena.

Mex and the City Chicago is a Cannabis blog from the point of view of a brown cannabis consumer. Maintaining a strong belief in social equity, I discuss my opinions on the topics of cannabis law, politics, and current events.

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