Mex and the City’s Guide to Your First Edible

As you can imagine, one of the questions I get asked the most is “who is your favorite edible maker” It’s a silly question, any true consumer can tell you that good edible makers are a dime a dozen. Some of the most important parts of consuming edibles is not so much as WHO is making them, it’s about HOW you consume them. Years ago, edibles were made with a bunch of butter and the sheer hope that you wouldn’t fuck it up. Nowadays, edibles have evolved. Most days I feel like a kid in a candy store, looking through the vast variety of medicated goodies. You see people are no longer choosing to just make their own butter. Nowadays, food is infused with oil and tinctures as well. We are truly living a stoner’s wildest dreams.

I decided to put together these 5 tips for people who are interested in edibles, but don’t really know where to start. And while I could just write out a list of brands and vendors you can try, that’s not really where I would tell you to start. No, for the first tip I’m going to come out and say something very controversial:

  1. Start at a dispensary: I know, I know, when there are a variety of foods and snacks to try, why would I ask you to start in the most boring of edible buying locations? Well, because you need to try what these mgs really feel like. This is not to critique local edible makers, but calculating proper doses is really something only most experts can do. Sure there are a few who may have the science down, but instead of hoping for good luck, buy yourself a pack of gummies at the dispensary and…
  2. Start SMALL! Please do not let these people online make you believe that taking 500mgs at a time is normal. It isn’t. It’s not even really necessary. A good edible will kick you in the ass with just 100mgs. If it’s your first time trying edibles, you really should start at about 25-50mgs. Give your body an opportunity to see how it reacts. Most people go from sober to brain dead and think that’s what your edible experience should be like. That’s definitely not the case. And while micro dosing is considered a method used by some, I think it should be the method used by everyone when they’re first starting. It’s important for your first time that you…
  3. Stay away from homemade edibles. Yeah I said it. I know I will catch some flack for it too but it’s just responsible cannabis awareness. I am not going to be the one to give bad advice. I have seen way too many people give themselves a panic attack by trying homemade edibles for the first time. These are really only for the seasoned consumer. Why? Most people infuse their food by dropping oil or tincture into it. This method is the least accurate, which is why it’s possible that a vendor will advertise it at 500mgs when in reality it’s only 100-or even 50 mgs. In the same token, an edible that is advertised at about 50mgs can really be 200mgs. When food is infused, there is usually a smell or weed taste associated with it, but don’t let this fool you:
  4. Just because it tastes like weed, doesn’t mean it’s infused properly. In fact, properly infused food won’t have a strong aftertaste. Edibles that have a pungent flavor of weed were probably infused with the pouring method. Where oil or butter is poured onto the food and then baked dry. This method is very inaccurate, although one of the most popular. Sure the food might get infused, and you will get high, but food with a strong weed taste is hard to truly enjoy. And even harder to regulate and dose. I don’t recommend these edibles to first timers, because while most are disappointed that they don’t hit right away. The truth is that when it comes to edibles:
  5. Patience is a virtue: The biggest mistake of a first timer is not feeling anything and continuing to eat more edibles. Fast forward a few hours and you’re absolutely stoned to the bone. Most edibles don’t even kick in within the first few hours, and some can even take up to 8 for you to feel them. That’s why you hear of people going to sleep and waking up high, because the edible probably didn’t kick in until after they woke up. Please, please, please do not take more than 100mgs your first time. It will turn out bad and it will turn you off from edibles all together. Start slowly and familiarize yourself with the motions your body goes through and then you’ll be able to eat just about any infused food.

When I’m reviewing edibles, I tend to focus on the QUALITY of the food and the recipes. Why? Marihuana has only been legal in Chicago for a year. We are seeing the beginning of a multimillion dollar industry. There will be A LOT of trial and error and there will be A LOT of people trying to make money off what they think is a trend. I love buying homemade edibles, and I love trying all the foods and separating who is in this business for the love of food and who isn’t. Yet I know the huge responsibility seasoned users like me have to new users, To be transparent and to provide them with the facts so that they can make the right decisions that won’t turn them off from consuming. Visit any one of your local dispensaries, and give their variety a try. Once you get through the boring gummy stage, the world is your edible buffet. But first, you have to prepare.

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