My Ticket to Flight 345

“Hood nachos” 

It’s what I called the yummy Doritos bag stuffed with nacho cheese, ground beef, and some weak jalapenos. See, Mexican nachos were usually made with steak or chicken. This west side staple was made with ground beef which was vastly different. It was my favorite lunch time treat when I worked on Lake St, where I was only a quick walk away. It’s been years since those days, and admittedly, years since I had some. Ground beef lately is more like ground turkey and is usually reserved for chilli’s or picadillo. So when I saw Cannabis Kitchen’s menu, the infused Loaded Nachos with ground beef definitely caught my eye. I even ordered the tacos, as a well rounded lunch.

I drove about 15 minutes away from my house to the shadiest block you can imagine. Do you think I was afraid? Absolutely not, you see, I would’ve driven straight into a crackheads mouth if it meant I got to try these nachos. She pulled up and apologized and said for security reasons she chose this vacant house. Yet for a second, it made me pissed at our local government. That we have to go around hiding some of Chicago’s hidden infused delicacies. That’s why it’s important we continue to support these minority owned local gems despite the hurdles they face every day.

As I do every time I pick up an order of infused food, I tasted it in the car on my drive back. One heaping tortilla chip of goodness stuffed into my mouth and it was like I was back on the Green Line, fork in hand, munching happily. You see, this isn’t a gourmet meal, these are some straight up Chicago munchies. The kind of munchies that make your heart and your tummy happy. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. She even threw in a drink, and to my delight, even had Ginger Ale. It was a pleasant experience from the fancy menus to the final bite, a real Southside experience.

The tacos were also fried crisp and filled with ground beef. These are reminiscent to the type of tacos a lot of people in Chicago eat. They were even topped with lettuce. It’s the type of food you eat at the neighborhood aunties house, quick, inexpensive, and downright delicious. If you’re buying I would suggest eating them as soon as you pick them up otherwise they will become mushy from all the toppings. It’s really a trip down memory lane for me and a lot of people who grew up eating these types of munchies.

345 Cannabis Kitchen is on the southside of the city. They have a very reasonable price point and offer Chicago style munchies in a take out style. Their menu is very thorough and the order process is quick and convenient. She also makes sure to keep her customers happy by always texting deals and new products. Make sure to check out their Instagram and give them a follow!

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