New Licenses, Same Ol’ Bullshit

In this week’s WTF Cannabis news, we have learned that Illinois has issued 3 new craft grow licenses. What most would consider an amazing advancement, is actually nothing. Why? Because these licenses, along with the many issued last year, aren’t being used. Due to the impending litigation in federal courts, these licenses are useless.

Currently in Illinois we are only able to choose from the same few cannabis companies.

Everyone thought that licenses issued within the last year would finally be usable. The truth is much more negative. These new licenses join a long list of delayed licenses currently in Illinois. A list that is now growing, while not progressing. Starting with the social equity licenses issued within the last 2 years. So what the fuck is actually happening with these licenses?

Cannabis is STILL Illegal Federally

While we are all enjoying cannabis being legal in Illinois, the whole country actually can’t. Cannabis is still an illegal drug in the eyes of the federal government. The reason why these licenses are not usable is because of the so-called “super case”. Where a group of corporations are suing Illinois for prioritizing in-state names. While it may seem like the right choice, there are out of state corporations who don’t agree.

So what can you do during this time?

Stop shopping at dispensaries. Show these corporations, and the government of Illinois, that we stand by social equity. Show them that we deserve high quality products and options. Dispensaries are making millions of dollars with zero obligation or accountability. Without so much as sharing a piece of the pie. Consider that most of these new licenses are issued to people affected by the war on drugs. Whether by living in areas affected by it or by a cannabis related conviction. Those are the people being prevented from even using these licenses.

Do your research!

It’s important that you take this time and research these new companies. A lot of them are new license winners, but some are current cannabis corporations from other states. Mint Cannabis, one of the new license winners, is from Sky Mint in Michigan. I am looking forward to when we’ll be able to buy cannabis from social equity license winners. For now I know there is a long road until that happens. I hope that you all are able to make educated decisions with your lungs and your money. The decision to not buy mids from a corporation that doesn’t give a fuck about you.

I’m excited and look forward to featuring some of these new license winners. For now, I will continue to keep you guys up to date on Illinois WTF cannabis news. It’s a circus, and I try to play the ringleader sometimes.

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