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Open Mic Chicago: We’re back!

If you have been following my blog you know how passionate I am about my open mic in Chicago. I’m also very passionate about cannabis. It’s because I truly believe that cannabis users aren’t a unique category of people. I believe we exist in every industry, hobby, occupation, and categorized space that exists. Cannabis users are business professionals, they are inventors, activists, innovators. Cannabis users are moms, they are aunts, uncles, grandparents. It’s because of my passion to destigmatize its negativity that I created and launched my Open Mic in Chicago. Because I wanted to showcase talent while partaking in cannabis. With a crowd who is non-judgemental about its use. Cannabis and art are one and the same for some people, and providing a safe space for these creatives has always been my goal.

You see, I’m a writer.

When I decided to talk about cannabis, I could have launched a Youtube Channel or a podcast. But I chose a blog. Because as a writer, putting these ideas into words was important to me. I knew I would be much more passionate in words than in my actions. If anyone knows me in real life, you know I am a massive clown. It’s in my nature to laugh about even the most serious topics. But I wanted to talk about topics on my blog that aren’t funny. And I wanted to communicate with them in an effective and serious way. Writing is the most natural way that I can communicate. Because writing is something I love. Because I also read blogs like mine, and because I believe reading should be a fundamental part of everyone’s lives. 

It was then that the idea for an Open Mic in Chicago came about.

It was after I created my blog that I realized I wanted to create a community. I wanted to create a space for writers, like myself, to come together and enjoy cannabis while sharing their art. It was then that the idea for an open mic in Chicago came about. A monthly gathering of creatives to vibe together and share art. I wanted to make sure I found a place that would also align themselves with these ideas. A place for art where people could just vibe and be welcomed. And just when I thought I had found the place that would house me and my community, reality reared its ugly head. Because any time cannabis enters a space, it is threatened by negative connotations. People are ok with those who smoke cannabis, but demonize those who sell it. I can not get behind these ideals, especially from venues or vendors who are brand new in the cannabis world and who are simply jumping on the legalized bandwagon. 

With all of this being said, I am beyond excited to announce the return of Mex and the City’s Open Mic in Chicago! 

Partnering with Del Pueblo Record and Barbers and Records Shop, I am proud to bring together an event that is for Artists. I believe I have found our new home, and I am so grateful to Johnny for accepting us with open arms. For accepting my artists and my community. We will be back on November 10th at 7pm, and every 2 weeks after that. The open mics will continue to be 100% free, and we will continue to house some of Chicago’s funnest and most interesting vendors. I want to take this moment to thank Del Pueblo Record and Barber Shop as well as thank all of the vendors who have stuck by our side. Join us Wednesday November 10th at 7pm for a brand new lineup of artists, in a 420 friendly and welcoming space.

A few additional notes about the Open Mic:

-Interested in a spot on the mic? Text 708-501-7692 to secure a spot. Spots are limited and sign ups are encouraged.

-Interested in vending? Email with your products for consideration

-Please note that there are no dogs allowed on premises

-Venue is Cannabis friendly 

-Each performer can perform 2 pieces of their choice

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