How Weed Helps me With My Period

Ah yes, periods. The bane of the existence of many women. On top of all of the burdens we are forced to suffer with, we now are forced to welcome a massacre into our pants. It’s such a drag, especially because life does not stop. You are still expected to continue on as usual, despite the bloody river that flows between our legs. As a cannabis smoker, I used to just smoke until I felt ok enough to fall asleep, laying in bed writhing in pain and overeating chocolate and hot chips. But nowadays, I’m more specific on how I use cannabis to help my period. No I’m not saying to shove a nug in your coochie, but cannabis is truly a medicine, and you can use it in a variety of different ways. The most important part is to isolate what symptoms you’re feeling, and then you’ll be able to decide how you can use weed to help it. Here are 5 ways I use cannabis to help me during my period:

Smoking Helps My Nausea

When I have my period, I have 2 moods. Either overeat comfort foods, or be completely void of appetite. My period also causes me nausea and an unsettled tummy. Well lucky for me, smoking weed actually helps with nausea and a lot of related stomach problems. It is known to not only get rid of those yucky tummy feelings, but guess what weed also helps with? Munching! So if you find yourself with a lack of appetite, light up a joint, drink some water, and get your Uber Eats order ready.

My Mom’s Tincture can help your Lower Back Pains

When I get my period, I always face unbearable lower back pains. Especially in those first few days, it literally feels like I’m walking around with someone hanging on to my back. It’s so painful that even standing up and sitting down is hard to do. In a previous post, I taught y’all how to make my moms tincture. I use this tincture on my lower back during my period to alleviate that pain. Be generous, apply liberally and as frequently as needed. It also helps with any other aches and pains you may be facing.

High Dose Edible for Very Painful Cramps

If your pain is more focalized and you experience sharp cramp pains, this tincture might not help. You might need something stronger to either fall asleep, or simply just to exist. In this case, I recommend you take some higher dose edibles. Something that will completely sedate you and your pain. Sometimes, couch lock is absolutely necessary especially when it comes to this type of pain. Edibles, if nothing else, will help ease your severe pain and help with remaining calm. Dabs could also prove to be a good treatment, as well as RSO oils.

Cannabis helps my Anxiety / Mood Disorders

In the days leading up to my period, I am a ball of emotions. Angry, sad, happy, it feels like I can barely control what I’m feeling. Lately, on those extra emotional days, I find that smoking a blunt in silence, either in a quiet spot, or outdoors, has really helped calm my emotions. Add in my journal and I can get to a place of peace fairly quickly. It’s important to express your feelings, but sometimes your period creates feelings that don’t even exist, so it’s important to create mental health activities that will keep you centered.

Easy Mensies / Holief /etc

On the market now are hemp derived period products to help with pain. A simple google search will result in a long list of products. From Easy Mensies, which are hemp pain patches, to Holief, a hemp pain relief balm, cannabis is everywhere. When you use these types of products, keep in mind that the amount of Hemp, CBD, or “cannabis” that they put in the product can sometimes be very small. That is why I highly recommend that you invest in weed to create your own alcohol based rub that you can use as needed. Always check the ingredients of these products and be mindful of what you put on your body.

Periods are such an inconvenience! And I know my cannabaddies are booked and busy. We do not have a week to take off work and heal. I hope these tips help you deal with your period and your cannabis usage in a more conscious and effective way. Yes, a lot of us use weed recreationally, yet that still doesn’t eliminate the fact that it is a medicine. And being more aware of the ways we can consume it will help us in general with normalizing its use. You deserve pain relief, and you deserve options during those unbearable days of the month, and I hope I’m able to provide some insight so you’re prepared for next month. I know how hard it can be to live your life when your ovaries are falling apart, but don’t fret! Cannabis has your back. Periodt!

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