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Taking a Cannabis Tour and The First Time I Smoked CBD

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If I had a bucket list, taking a cannabis tour would certainly be on there. Imagining myself in the presence of a room full of growing marihuana plants brings me joy. It would be any stoners fantasy. So when I got an invitation to take an actual cannabis tour, I could not pass up the opportunity. Prescribd is located in Bridgeview, hidden behind local stores. It’s inconspicuous, even with the giant THC sign hanging in front. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was excited nonetheless. As I sat on the couch in what I guess would be considered the waiting area, I realized how inviting it was. It reminded me of sitting in someone’s basement, waiting to get stoned.

I am happy they start the cannabis tour off with informative videos.

Your excitement can get the best of you, but at the same time, you are there to be educated. Not only did they educate, but they did it in a casual and non-pretentious way. We were able to enjoy the cannabis naturally, he only guided us and added commentary as usual. Ever the marihuana enthusiast, the first thing I did was shove my face in the plant and take a huge wiff. It was wonderful, and genuinely something that I hope every cannabis consumer can enjoy. It was standing in a fresh room surrounded by these plants that put your usage in perspective. So much goes into delivering the weed we roll up and smoke. I’m grateful to have gotten to experience it at every stage. 

From learning how they choose their mother plants, to breaking down their watering system AI, it was truly an eye opener. Most of us smoke cannabis and have no real idea of how it’s cultivated. So much goes into growing a good plant and getting to see what it takes firsthand really puts the process in perspective. I loved hearing from the guide how they developed their system and seeing how excited he was about discussing it. It feels good to be in a legal state, where SOME people are now able to make cannabis their career. Talk about working for passion.

Now onto the CBD.

In my life as a weed smoker, CBD was something I honestly was never interested in. I smoke cannabis recreationally, and even when I do use it medicinally, I need its THC to alleviate my morning sickness. Yet marijuana also helps with mental organization, it also helps stimulate my creativity. And while for the ladder I need THC, I was willing to see if CBD could help for work. At the end of the tour, we all sat around together and had a tasting of some of their very own in house flowers. With their very own vape, we were able to sample these in a casual and friendly setting. Soon the laughs began and it was like sitting with a group of friends to enjoy some weed.

The tasting started with psychoactive blends of CBD and Delta 8. Ever the skeptic, I was surprised by how pleasant the effects were. Nothing like the usual high I get from THC, the calming and euphoric head rush was fun. I even felt a small sag in my eyelids. Tasting the different strains, I absolutely fell in love with their “Maraschino” strain. It tasted fruity and the high was uplifting and mellow. The taste was more pungent than THC, I was not really a fan, but it doesn’t linger on your tongue. It was not a strong, immediate head high like THC, but it does have an initial rush to your head that doesn’t last more than a few minutes. 

At the end of the tasting we are given a pure CBD smoke to bring our high down.

I was definitely not into the taste. More of a burning, smoking flavor that really has no hints of fruit or freshness. It is like smoking what I can only describe as really bad weed. The taste that CBD has makes me want to use it in other ways besides smoking. As for its effects, it definitely helped in bringing down my high. It wasn’t very sobering, it just provided a clarity in your head. I sensed a difference, and while I enjoyed the entire tasting, I can definitely say smoking CBD is not really for me. I think I would appreciate it more as an oil or balm, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t recognize its effectiveness. Genuinely, I like the taste of good THC, and CBD just doesn’t taste good enough for me to smoke consistently.

I purchased my favorite strain of the Delta 8 / CBD mix and can say that I have genuinely enjoyed it. I usually consume it early in the day, I have noticed having a clearer mind while I work. It was me trying to find an alternative that peaked my curiousity. Because while the high helps creatively, it can sometimes cause scatterbrain. So far in using this blend I notice that I don’t crave THC or need its effects throughout the day. Instead I work with a clearer high that does not give me couch slump or make me sleepy. I love THC at the end of the day, but I can say that I have changed my opinion on Delta 8 and CBD. Although not my component of choice, there are arguments to be made for it.

I am grateful to Prescribd for their introduction and education on these plants.

The tour guide was informative, helpful, and thorough when explaining each strain. There is a genuine love for the plant and I think that shows in the way they present their facility and their products. It is located in cultural Bridgeview, surrounded by Middle Eastern stores. One of my favorite Chicago suburbs, and a pleasant host to this cannabis growing facility. If you’re looking for an outing that is both fun and informative while staying reasonably local, check out Prescribd and their cannabis tours. Bring a group, or even by yourself, you are sure to have a great time. Please check them out on Instagram and visit their website to schedule your cannabis tour!

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