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Risking it All for Some Jane and Mary’s


If there is one dairy related food that this lactose sensitive girl will risk it all for; its ice cream. So when I saw that there would be infused ice cream at Hacienda Tumbada in Chicago, I was there. Ice cream has always been one of my favorite treats so I needed to get my hands on it. 

I really didn’t know much about the company, but I followed them on social media. This review is going to be based purely on the taste and the potency as I bought it at an event and didn’t actually order it. Their website is jam packed with information, and it gives you an insight into the man behind the ice cream. It’s hard not to support such a passionate and aware company.

Now onto the ice cream, and I hate to be biased. My eyes quickly landed on “Mint Chocolate Chip” and I was a fan. It’s my favorite ice cream flavor, and one that gets a lot of hate. To see it right there on their menu, I knew these were my kinda people. I chose the Mint Chocolate Chip, the Cake Batter, and the thematic Spooky Cookies & Cream. 

They came in 8oz containers which I shamefully ate in one sitting. I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip right then and there because I needed to taste it. I’m glad I was able to try one there fresh. The ice cream was frozen yet still soft and looked like it was made from scratch. It was rich and not overpoweringly sweet, and they were generous with the chocolate chips. I could not put it down and I finished it before we left. 

It’s definitely potent. In comparison to other edibles I’ve had, it kicked in pretty quickly and lasted until I went to bed a couple of hours later. I was definitely surprised so beware if you’re not used to edibles, try starting off small. The pints I purchased weren’t labelled with the dose. I couldn’t later remember if I chose the dosage or if it varied. I would’ve liked clearer labelling.

I tried the Spooky Cookies and Cream and again it was very high quality ice cream. I would definitely recommend it to my seasoned friends. I still have the Cake Batter in my freezer and I plan on sharing it, half the container seems to be about the perfect dose for me. I think it’s a delicious treat, infused or not, and will definitely be purchasing again. 

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Met their team at Hacienda Tumbada, super nice and very helpful.

Wish the dosage and flavor was labelled on the container.

Deliciously rich and addicting.

Definitely not for the sensitive consumers.

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