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Seed & Strain Cannabis Co Hires Elitists

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Did you ever encounter someone that was so unpleasant toward you, that it almost knocked your confidence?

It’s these instances where you are tested to your deepest core. When I started focusing my blog toward cannabis, I expected everyone to welcome me with open arms. You see, the cannabis community is one of the friendliest and most welcoming. I’m not talking about the business side, I’m talking about when you see someone smoking some weed and you immediately like that person. Just look at some of the most popular stoners out there: Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong, they are literally the friendliest looking people. You just know they’re good vibes, and that’s true for any other stoner. Which is why I was so disappointed with my only experience with Seed & Strain Cannabis Co.

We had already had a lit Saturday and we were on Day 2. The entire time there were good vibes and by Sunday I was relaxed and just enjoying the people. I was standing in front of my booth, dancing with my giant RAW cone, when I encountered 2 young ladies. I saw the name on their jackets and recognized the brand so I tried to welcome them and introduce myself. The look I received from these young ladies was one of disdain. Then the young lady on the right turned her mouth into a sneer, said “We work in the industry” and walked right by me. As if her being hired by a white owned corporation made her better than me.

I’m not the type of girl who is knocked down by a couple of pretentious cunts at a festival.

I am also in the cannabis industry, a blogger who champions for cannabis brands that are led by people of color. How dare these two pompous girls feel that they are any better than I am. I am creating my own space, they were simply hired. Then it made me think about all of the brands that I support, and the type of shit they must have to deal with. People I know who have been in the industry for years, not just since it became legal. Brands that started underground and who are now almost household names. I can’t even imagine what they must feel to see all these new and unworthy faces. This instance is an example of a bigger picture, the one where these corporations are choosing the face of cannabis. And so far, it’s been quite a disappointment.

A message to these cannabis brands and especially to Seed & Strain Cannabis Co: DO BETTER. The cannabis industry is filled with human beings with genuine love for the plant and for the people who partake. Why am I judging a brand based off of this experience? Because with their embroidered Seed & Strain Cannabis Co jackets they were definitely there representing. Columbia Care was one of the sponsors and I have no doubt they were there with them. Reminder to these newcomers who work for these corporations: You wouldn’t be here without the underground brands who paved the way. You wouldn’t be here without the people who love the plant and its people, like me. Humble yourselves.

That’s who I stand for and write for, not these corporations run by white men who don’t even know how to roll a blunt.

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  1. Karoline Pacheco

    Thank you for bringing this to light! Not everyone knows how their employees treat other people behind their backs. It is unprofessional and hurts the brand. They really need to do better! MUCH BETTER!!

    1. Yesenia Roman

      Definitely! If what we see is ugly I can’t even imagine what we don’t see.

  2. Mayra Roman

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Somethings need to be brought to light anf this pleas one of those things!

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