Start That Business, Baby!

Close your eyes and imagine your dream job. That dream probably looks vastly different to each of you. I’ll tell you what my dream job would be. It would be me as a successful writer, running around Chicago doing lunches and visiting hotspots with my 4 best friends. No need to wonder why my blog is called what it is.

This has always been my dream. To write. Starting in high school when I would be hunched over my notebook writing love poems and dedicating them to my favorite poets. Then, I found out Shakespeare shared my birthday, and it just about cemented the idea in my head that I was meant to be a great writer. In high school, I started poetry clubs, competed in Poetry slams, and even began to write my very first book. I could never be a corporate puppet, I thought, I was meant to write about Love.

As you can imagine, graduation came with the harsh realization that Love poems don’t pay the bills. Yet, that didn’t kill my sense of hope. I was 20 years old when I went back to my dream. Miss Chicago was my attempt at a lifestyle blog, a way to broadcast my lifelong love for food. I have always loved trying new food, from all over the world. (I will go in further in a future post about why I chose to review edibles) In my first blog, I was reviewing new restaurants, cafes, and events in the city. I had my blog for close to a year, but because of troubles in a personal relationship, I gave it up. I also gave up writing at this time, a difficult time in my life where inspiration just sorta flew out the window.

At the age of 26 and at a particularly happy point in my life, I started a vlog. Furious Kitty was a Youtube channel that I started with the idea that I would hop on the vlogging trend. I even read poetry, and if you go on Youtube now you can still find some of my videos. I made about 5 of them before I realized I was no video editor. The fun quickly wore off, and I scrapped that whole idea altogether. Another failure under my belt, and another hit to my self confidence.

I was 27 years old when I quit my full time job in Human Resources to launch my marketing company. It was my attempt to work for myself after working for someone else since the age of 15. For almost a year and a half I worked at home, helping local small businesses find new customers. It was a labor of love, my own entrepreneur mom my total inspiration. And while I had the vast experience and was slowly gaining customers, I lacked the only thing I’ve ever really wanted. To love what I do. And so I decided to go back to work full time so that I could pay my bills until I found my next dream to chase.

I am not embarrassed to tell you guys about these times I have failed. Reading back on this post, I’m proud of my determination. Proud at the times I chased what I thought I loved. Proud at the times I was able to hang up the towel. Even now, I’m proud that despite failing so many times, I loved myself and believe in myself enough to launch Mex and the City. Another labor of love, another way for me to express myself. And even if this fails too, it will be another project I look back on fondly.

I tell you these things not in some sort of inspirational “Do what I do” sort of discussion. I tell you these things because currently, in our country, minorities make up 15% of businesses. This number is way too low. I tell you these things because I am the daughter of a woman who, despite not knowing the language, despite not knowing anything about starting a business, did just that. She became a business owner. I tell you these things because I know countless minorities with the same potential, who may not have the support around them. I want to tell you that you can do it. Even if you’ve already failed like me, try again. 

We live in a society where people scream and shout their accomplishments, but keep quiet the hard work it really takes. We expect to succeed in a week, expecting millions of followers, viewers, or dollars. Yet we don’t see the sacrifices people make. You are not alone in this walk. You walk with millions of minorities just like you, with only our dreams to guide us. With the disadvantages that were imposed on us at birth. Yet, I believe in you. I see the potential from our people every day. And I see that potential, in you.

With Christmas time coming up, I hope that you will be supporting local businesses. I challenge you to support your friends and their dreams. You will be giving 2 gifts, a Christmas gift, and the gift of your support. That support is priceless. It’s what most creatives like me live off of. The idea that someone sees what we do and is moved by it. I will be supporting local minority owned businesses, because that is my prerogative. It’s really my goal. And I look forward to seeing all the awesome products some of you make.

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