Stop Tolerance Shaming and why my Cannabis Use is None of Your Business

“You’re smoking AGAIN?” The most infuriating question I, as a cannabis consumer, have to deal with. You see, I am of the “smoke whenever I please” variety. Some days, I smoke a bowl or two. Other days, it’s more like a blunt or 2. On both of those days, I am a highly productive, and extremely beautiful (haha) woman. It’s because of this that I dislike people who judge you based on how much you smoke or consume cannabis. There are a large group of people who claim to be “ok” with cannabis, and still have prejudices. The reality is, “normal” consumption does not exist. Cannabis consumption is a personal process that takes a lot of trial and error. So third person opinions are truly irrelevant.

I remember when I was younger. I used to smoke all day every day, for no real reason. 

I’m a recreational smoker, meaning, I use marihuana for pleasure. Sure I can argue that a smoke in the morning jump starts my appetite, or the fact that I prefer smoking before bed as it helps me sleep. Smoking also gets me through every one of my monthly pants massacres. Yet, I am not a medical cannabis user. I smoke when I want, however much I want, it just depends on my mood and plans for the day. My smoking habits are 100% my personal decision based on my needs, my budget, and my stress levels.

So why do people still feel the need to judge how MUCH I smoke? 

Surely, there is no difference between one bowl and 3 blunts? Not in CBD-using Beyonce’s 2021! The worst part is this isn’t something that comes only from non smokers. Certain smokers sit on their high horse about their low tolerance. Scoffing at anyone who dares smoke more than them. I find it very odd that while the idea of consuming cannabis is considered “ok” by most, there is still this transgression about the quantity. As if it really matters. It doesn’t! It just proves that Tolerance Shaming is a real thing, one that we need to nip in the bud. (See what I did there?)

Let’s not forget that Cannabis is a medicine. 

So while some of us may be using it recreationally, there are still those being prescribed cannabis to treat their ailments. We wouldn’t ask people “Are you eating Tums again?” because that’s invasive and frankly no one’s business. But because cannabis comes with a history of negative connotations, it makes people feel more comfortable addressing and criticising others for it. That’s a part of legalization that isn’t mentioned. The immense burden that we have as a community to smash all these negative ideas, and there is no help from mainstream cannabis companies who only talk about its use as a marketing tactic.

I guess this was just a rant. As someone whose usage has decreased, increased, and evolved significantly over the past year, I have noticed the increased comments on it. Yet it’s nobody’s business. As well as they mean, as respectful as they may ask, it’s no one’s business but my own. When it comes to matters of personal choices, I believe we should just live and let live. This applies to other people’s relationships, appearance, and their cannabis usage. Since we are now living in the age of legalized marihuana, let’s leave these problematic habits in the past. Let’s enter this new era with a newfound positivity for the plant that so many people love. And like Birdman would say “Put some Respeck on Cannabis’ Name!”

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