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TerpKings Announces Their Cannabis Art Competition

Straight out of the Helios Lab, I present to you TerpKings! TerpKings are a set of royalty inspired by some of cannabis’ most popular terpenes. In anticipation of this product roll out, we learn about this craft cannabis line centered around the education of terpenes. In an industry that overhyped THC percentages, we are seeing a new approach at what cannabis purchasing should be. Very exciting news from one of Illinois social equity licenses. Fueled by their passion for creating community, they have announced their contest for TerpKings. Welcoming artists across the city to design the official artwork that will be featured on TerpKings merchandise.

For the chance to win $5,000, interested artists are invited to submit their information directly on The 1937 Group website. It is in their interest to cultivate a relationship with a growing artist during this time of brand development and growth. The 1937 Group has a proven track record of working within the community, and emphasizing the importance of social equity. It is with these beliefs in mind that they are on the hunt for original artwork from graphic designers, photographers, calligraphists, and all other artists based out of Chicago. They are looking for something that will relate to customers, as well as speak directly to consumers about their needs and wants when it comes to their cannabis. It’s important to not only emphasize the THC, but also the variety of terpenes that make any smoking experience pleasant.

In the TerpKings universe, terpenes reign supreme. Commanding what it means to have “high” expectations from your cannabis. As craft growers, they plan to educate their clients on the value and synergies created by the varying presence of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. They plan to do this with TerpKings, a unique flower brand focused on strains with higher terpene percentages and unique terpene profiles. These “Kings” will be these different and unique terpenes, and those featured in their craft cannabis. Artists should understand what this means and display this through their artwork.

Deadline for this competition is June 3rd. Competition starts tomorrow, with interested artists being required to submit their information through their website. Applicants must be over 18 years old. Apart from the high quality image, a 30 second action video of the art is also required to be submitted. As a way to include their community, they will be using Instagram to help decide who the winner is. The art with the most likes will win the $5,000 grand prize and the potential for more work directly with them! A great opportunity for any artist looking to break into the booming cannabis industry. I will be following this competition closely, keeping you all updated when the winner is announced.

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