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The First Time I Got High & Why High Schoolers Matter

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Disclaimer, because I know I’ll get this a lot. No, I do not, have not, or will not ever encourage the underage use of marihuana. This article is simply a trip back in time for myself and a lot of other cannabis consumers. 

Most people remember the first time they smoked weed. I remember the first time I got high. It is one of my funnest memories, of my sister lighting my joint up while hanging out of my bedroom window. The stash of munchies she had ready for us. The rest of the night was a blur, all I truly remember was laughing the entire time. It’s the first time I really associated marihuana with a positive feeling. Sure, it was an illegal drug. But how harmful can it be, enjoyed in the comfort of my own home. I was young, but old enough to be held responsible for my actions. But I didn’t want to go out and do bad things for weed, I just wanted to enjoy it at home, occasionally, with my family.

I was 15 years old. Literally in the middle of High School. Completely unaware of who I would be or even who I was. I was in love with France and Shakespeare and would attend Poetry slams. I was not skinny, and I had not yet grown into my confidence. I would wear t shirts and beads and black eyeliner. I was not popular, in fact, I revelled in my solitude. I created my own clubs, argued with teachers, and befriended the weirdos. No one to be remembered, in fact, to this day I tell people that High School was the time of my life that I hated the most. I was a ball of identity crisis, confused and consumed in trying to find myself. It was at this time that I was introduced to Mary Jane.

When people think of High Schoolers, we look back at good times, and even some embarrassing times. It’s a transitional period, a time of self awareness. It’s a crucial moment in any human’s life a time when all anyone wants to do is “fit in”. I know first hand how difficult it can be to enter high school with the inability to buy new clothes. I know what it’s like to see my friends wearing jackets and backpacks that I could never afford. Although my mom did an amazing job at providing, she was also a single mother. Name brand clothes and new outfits were something that didn’t fit on our grocery list.

It’s because of this that I have decided to partner with some local Chicago clothing brands to bring together our city for High Schoolers in Chicago. Together with South Ave Clothing and Sin Titulo, I am working to bring a FREE pop store for all CPS students. Students who present a Current CPS High School ID will have access to shop our flagship Mex and the City Boutique. Students will be able to shop from a variety of items that have been donated by local organizations and brands. These small businesses have agreed to donate products from their very own lines so that students may shop.

We are inviting all High Schoolers who are in need of new clothes or shoes to come out on August 26th from 1pm-6pm to shop at the Mex and the City Back to School Boutique located at 6048 S Ashland Ave in Chicago. Make sure to bring your current High School ID (2021-2022 must be enrolled for the new year). Parents will be led to our Parent Lounge while you shop in peace. Our goal is to provide a FREE and SAFE environment. If you are a Chicago brand interested in making a donation, please email

We are accepting donations of clothes for High School aged teenagers between the ages of 14-18. We are especially in need of gym shoes. Please text Donations to 708-501-7692 for more information or to schedule a donation pick up. We are only accepting new or gently used items as well as school supplies, belts, shoes, purses, accessories. Any and all donations are accepted and appreciated.

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