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The Reintroduction of Mex and the City into a Chicago Cannabis Blog

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In my life, I have had 2 great loves: Chicago and Marihuana. It’s no coincidence that these two have played a major role in the growth of my blog. A blog created about my life, quickly turned into a blog about the Chicago cannabis community. With these changes I have noticed that my audience has also evolved. My blog was always intended for women of color who smoke marihuana. It’s these women who I now have a big responsibility to, and it’s these women who I now focus my blog on.

Previously, my blog was split up into separate sections.

All of them have to do with my life. As of today I have decided to retire these categories from my blog. My posts will now be strictly Cannabis related. Because being a woman and a cannabis consumer affect all aspects of life, my posts will now be centered around this lifestyle. I hope to be your guide to Chicago’s POC Cannabis Community. A Chicago Cannabis Blog that highlights those that our government deems not good enough. It is these people who have always supported me, and it is my chance to turn the microphone over to you. 

Running a Chicago Cannabis Blog was never my intention, but in loving myself I realize that this is exactly who I am.

I am a professional business woman, a loving aunt, a devoted lover, a writer, and on top of all of these things: I’m a cannabis consumer. Something that I felt was something to be ashamed of. Especially as I ascended in my career and my professional life, I felt like it was something I always had to hide. Yet, marihuana usage is completely legal in Illinois. The social stigma that comes with questionable and unfair laws doesn’t affect me anymore. I buy my marihuana from legitimate establishments; I accomplish goals, remain consistent, all while going through blunts of loud.

In converting Mex and the City into a Chicago cannabis blog, I hope to be my true and transparent self. I hope to show other WOC that we are just as worthy as our sober counterparts. We are allowed to be smart, successful, and productive. All while smoking a little weed. I want to thank all of you who have followed my blog and who will continue to read and support. I hope to bring you truer, more consistent content. Please sign up to my newsletter to get more up to date information.

Know a Chicago Cannabis Brand ran by WOC? Drop your tips, suggestions, and referrals!

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