This One’s for my Pretty Potheads…

Alway the flaunter of looks, I have to say this next edible maker won me over by the name of their treats ALONE. If ever a Pretty Pothead existed, well surely it would be me. So I needed to be a part of the association that boasts itself for that.

I placed an easy order through IG, and let me tell you apart from pretty, she is an absolute sweetheart. Within a couple of hours I had placed my order, paid, and she was pulling up in front of my house with my bag of goodies. Shout out to the South Suburbs for the local, and fast service.

I ordered the 3 items that caught my attention the most. I’ll start with the Lavender Lemonade. I am a lover of Lavender and a hater of Lemonade, but I had to try this homemade infusion for myself. She warned me that it was strong so I drank it slowly. In fact, it was my companion during last month’s presidential debate. I sipped it throughout, genuinely impressed by the freshness. It tasted freshly squeezed, and although the Lavender taste was as subtle as the weed taste, it was a nice touch to an already delicious drink. She was not lying when she said it was STRONG. I drank the entire lemonade in one sitting, apart from the occasional sips that I gave to my mom and my friend to try, and I was blasted. It was a head high, that I didn’t feel until the entire container was gone. Just as the debate was wrapping up, is when I began to feel it first in my head, then my eyes, and finally my body.

The second item was the popcorn, and I am just as surprised as you. Popcorn would seem easy enough to infuse, but as anyone who actually enjoys eating popcorn can tell you, they become soggy very quickly. I ate the popcorn on a separate occasion, I shared the bag with one other person. Despite sitting in my room for 2 days, the popcorn wasn’t stale, and it didn’t have the usual taste of weed. I actually enjoyed the popcorn as a snack while watching movies so as not to step outside to smoke during a Netlix and Chill night. Yes go outside, can you tell I live with my mom? Honestly the popcorn must’ve not been very strong because I didn’t actually feel anything after eating half the bag. But that also might have to do with my high tolerance.

Lastly, and this one was the one I was most excited about. Chocolate turtle edibles, can you believe it? Did you ever think you would live long enough to see your favorite snacks turned into edibles? I sure didn’t and I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to wait for the perfect occasion. A lazy Saturday afternoon when I didn’t feel like stepping outside or even rolling. I ate a whole turtle, snacking happily on the chocolate of my dreams. It tasted homemade, in the best way. Rich chocolate, whole chunks of pecans in a caramel swirl. Honestly, it was delicious. I ate it in less than 3 bites, and then sat on my couch and waited. I would definitely recommend eating at least 2 for the best effect. From eating one I felt a small haze, but it did fall short of the usual full body high I enjoy. It might be just too small of a treat to take in a high dosage, but it was worth the taste.

I really appreciated the packaging, they truly stick to their brand. All the products had consistent packaging, and I just felt cute holding them. These edibles are for the Pretty Potheads, the Bad Bitches of bud if you may. It shows in the pink packaging and their cute logo. They were missing the dosage on the packaging, so I wasn’t sure of what the doses were, but overall I enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to seeing their edibles evolve, I’ve seen everything from Fried Chicken to gummies on their Instagram. All in all, delicious treats from a pleasant and Pretty Pothead. Check her out guys!

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