When a Chingona meets a Chingon

I am so grateful to be privileged enough to meet some of Chicago’s brightest people. People who inspire me on a daily basis. The best part for me is seeing how people display their heritage and their pride in their work. Which leads me to this next Edible maker, and one that hits close to home.

El Chingon is already a local name for infused salsa’s. There’s truly no confusion as to why. The man makes delicious salsas. I’ve been fortunate enough to come across them plenty of times at various local events, but had yet to actually try them. I’m not really the type of person who likes to eat while I smoke, usually my edibles are enjoyed in my bed in front of my trashy TV shows. Which is why I hadn’t yet been able to get my hands on some El Chingon tacos. That is until this past weekend. When I found out they were going to be at a local event, I bought tickets ASAP.

I have been following them since I started my blog, they do pretty good on social media. I love how proud they are of their culture, the ingredients they use, and the different flavors. It’s the kind of brand you want to root for. I have to admit I am EXTREMELY biased. You see, they’re from Durango. A little state in Mexico where this Mexicans whole family is from. So you know I had to support a fellow Alacran. It’s a given. I was extra hype when I found out this fact. It’s partly the reason why I jumped at the opportunity to get them.

When I tell you this man is a businessman. A whole hustler out here in Chicago, with some of the freshest salsas. Many people know, I don’t eat spicy food. Unless I have a stack of Tums nearby, I will usually bypass. And although I only went to try a taco, I walked out with the whole roster of flavors. I even got a non infused Raspberry Habanero one to share with my mom. I tried the green salsa with the taco at the event, and it was so tasty. Spicy, but flavored so you’re not just tasting a burnt tongue. I even popped open the Raspberry Habanero there, just a taste of the VERY spicy and unique flavor. With flavors like Mango Habanero and Jalapeno Kiwi, it’s obvious they’ve mastered not only cannabis infusions, but unique flavor infusions too. The kiwi one is so far my favorite, a sweet and spicy mix with a slight acidity and sweetness that packs a punch in your taco.

I have to admit I’m not the person to review Salsas. I don’t eat very spicy foods or necessarily like adding salsa to my dishes. Yet I had to be a cheerleader for a guy who’s putting his heart in each bottle. I brought the non infused one home and shared, and my family loved it. You can test the freshness, the consistency of the salsa is consistent with one that is freshly made. The bottle, with it’s heartwarming message to the state we share, is just another part of an excellently branded product. 

I’m going to tag his IG below, make sure you follow his Instagram. They usually post a lot of cannabis events, and you even get an insight about the man behind the blender. It’s important to support Brown and Black members of the Cannabis community especially, and I have a very big feeling this is only the beginning for El Chingon.

Follow Their IG Here!!

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