You Will Live in Happiness too! Wonka Bar Review

Let’s talk about edibles!

As you guys know I am a fan of infused foods. At the beginning of my blog, my edible reviews were very popular. But as I tasted more and more food, I encountered more and more bad infusing processes. Simply said: some of ya’ll don’t need to be infusing shit! Giving people heartburn and shit (me). 

But I am still a huge fan of infused foods and these Wonka bars have been pretty popular. Tasting it, it had a nice chocolatey flavor. No pungent weed taste in sight. In fact, I had the fruity pebbles one as well and that one was also chocolatey and had a nice fruity pebbles taste. At a whopping 500 mgs, I did NOT eat the whole thing. I had less than half of the bar. I was definitely high as hell, my eyes sitting real low. Definitely keep that in mind when eating this, you don’t want to eat the whole bar if you’re an amateur edible eater.

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